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A Look Back in Time by Rick Seyer


This top photo is of the current location of Middlefield Tavern taken in 1892.  It is unknown who the owners were at that time, but in addition to being a tavern, it also held a pool hall and barber shop. The middle photo is of Pete’s Beer Garden that was located east of town just off Lenny Drive.  It was owned by Pete and Florence Popovic and was located there for many years until the Popovics opened Pete’s Tavern and Sport Shop downtown in the building in the first photo.  This operated for many years until they sold it to a partnership consisting of Gale Gooding, Joe Dulka, and Glade Harrison. This group changed the name to Middlefield Tavern and it is now owned by Mike Dulka, son of Joe.  For many years all you could buy at the tavern was beer.  Alcohol was not available until sometime after the late 1950s when a vote was held in town to permit the sale and consumption.  Many of our Middlefield old timers can recall when in addition to selling beer, Pete’s also sold guns and ammunition.  Can you imagine guns being sold today in a bar?


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