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Pasta Bridges

Sixth-graders Zoey Y., Liliana M., Ian M., and Jesse O. work together to construct a bridge out of pasta noodles. (MP photo/CSD)

This past school year, sixth-grade students built bridges out of, get this, pasta noodles! It was the culmination of a STEM project they had been working on in Mrs. Beth Tucker’s classes. Students studied and read about bridges, then took that knowledge and applied it to their own construction designs. Using the engineering design process – a series of steps to follow to come up with a solution to a problem – students used various types of uncooked pasta to build a bridge. Once construction was complete, students tested their bridges, evaluating for strength and rebuilding if necessary. Students were able to use any type of pasta and glue they wanted, but the bridge had to span 12 inches and hold a full 16 oz. water bottle.


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