Officer Gray, MPD, demonstrates the siren on the SUV for the children at the Great Day Child Care Learning Center in Middlefield. 


Finding a wonderful, exciting, fulfilling childcare center is the number one priority for working parents in this day and age. There are so many concerns and questions about fulfilling your child’s needs. Great Day Child Care Learning Center’s administrator, Lucinda Smith, discusses what is offered at Great Day and why they offer the greatest place for your children.

Great Day is truly a learning center. Every child from infancy through 12 years old is guided through a planned, nurturing system.

“We are a star-rated facility,” said Lucinda. “We introduce children to every skill they need for life and school. This includes learning in areas such as math, science, technology, emotional and social, all according to State standards.” Every teacher, for infants as well, are required to complete lesson plans. 

Miss Ashley, who oversees the infants, intentionally works with each. For example: a toy might be placed just out of reach, so the child will be challenged to move toward it, or older infants will be guided with the use of a spoon while eating. 

Toddlers guided by Miss Jessica learn through finger painting and drawing with fat crayons. The concentration for older toddlers is potty training. In this class, Miss Shelby will take the entire group and encourage a proper potty routine every 30-40 minutes. They also are introduced to a regular drinking cup and eventually weaned from the sippy cup, as well as other age appropriate skills.

In the preschool class, Miss Carrie teaches proper pencil placement. This group does a lot of cutting and gluing as this is necessary for school readiness.

Miss Diana and Miss Abby work with the 4-5 year olds on their social and emotional behaviors. These children are taught to follow simple directions, play well in a group, learn to share and get along well with others.

Great Day is a great place for school age children (kindergarten through 12 years) as well. During the summer, the kids have regular learning plans which include all needed skills especially reading, and they enjoy plenty of time for play. During the school year, school-agers are picked up at Great Day and then bused to school. They return after school to receive a snack and help with their homework and enjoy outdoor activities.

“We have the most caring, well-qualified staff,” said Lucinda. She has been with Great Day for 14 years, Ashley 10 years, and Jessica, 9 years. Each teacher is required to achieve CPR, Communicable Disease and Child Abuse Recognition and Prevention training within the first year of employment. They each are credentialed or working toward their CDA (Child Development Associate’s) course. 

Great Day often brings in other agencies for help and learning, such as staff from Turning Point, Catholic Charities and Dino School etc. These groups equip the teachers with new ideas and learning strategies. The local police and fire departments visit often, so the kids are informed and comfortable with our public servants.  Entertainment is frequently provided by local celebrities like Jungle Terry, Mark the Magician and Santa Claus. Great Day Child Care and Learning Center is truly a great place to be.

GDCC is located at 14810 Madison Road, Middlefield and in Madison at 2471 Hubbard Road (44057). Call 440-632-1832 and visit 


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