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It is Time for a Talk of a Lifetime


How well do you know the people who matter most to you? Have you ever wondered more about your loved one’s life so that you might someday honor, celebrate and create a true tribute to them when the time comes? Their memories, stories, lessons learned, and achievements can be easily told with the help of conversation starter cards “Talk of a Lifetime.” This free box of question cards is available to you from Russell-Sly Family Funeral Home.  

Sample questions include: “What was your proudest achievement?” “What made you laugh so hard you cried?” “Who was your best friend growing up and what is your favorite memory with them?” This invaluable deck of cards offers hundreds of insightful questions, and you may be surprised by your loved one’s answers!  

Deep down, most of us want to know that we, in some way, made a difference in this world; that we mattered to someone and that we will be fondly remembered by those who knew and cared for us. Everyone has a lifetime of stories to tell and share that can become keepsakes which will inspire hope, be a bridge to the future and treasured for a lifetime.

The “Talk of a Lifetime” campaign helps families learn about their loved ones, acknowledge their importance, and is an essential step in the grieving process toward healing. This program is an extension of the Russell-Sly Family Funeral Home’s dedication and commitment to our community, and provides an opportunity for emotional support during the time of need. The campaign will open discussions and bring insights to the most important matters in life.  An individual’s story, memories, lessons learned, and achievements are a gift that should be shared with family and friends. This program, launched by the Russell-Sly Family Funeral Home, brings awareness and education to families and assists with ways to have important conversations about a person’s life story so it can be remembered and honored in a meaningful way. 

Memorialization is so much more than it used to be. Today it can reflect a person’s life story, values, interests and experiences. Meaningful memorialization can be transformative, healing, comforting and forgiving with grace. The “Talk of a Lifetime” offers families practical advice and tools to help them have conversations about the things that matter most and how they hope to be remembered by generations to come after they die.

Throughout 2018 and beyond, the Russell-Sly Family Funeral Home will offer speakers at several places in the community to raise awareness of the “Talk”, share information, and offer advice and guidance to support families. The “Talk of a Lifetime” decks of cards are available at the funeral home, as well at each public function at which we speak.

To learn more about the “Talk of a Lifetime” visit www.talkofalifetime.org or call the Russell-Sly Family Funeral Home, 440-632-0241. Or stop by the funeral home at 15670 W. High Street, Middlefield (44062).  


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