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A Look Back in Time by Rick Seyer


The building in the top photo is the store front for Harry A. White who bought and sold maple syrup.  It was located on Route 87, southeast of the intersection.  He also operated a real estate business and was one of the town’s leading citizens.  The photo was probably taken sometime in the spring during maple syrup season.  The wheels on the wagon are caked with mud and the road is a soupy, muddy mess.  In later years the building was purchased by the local Knights of Pythias Lodge who used the upstairs rooms for lodge activities.  In the late 30s to early 60s the downstairs first floor was a grocery store, first owned by James Hostetler and later by Clarence Lorson.  At one time, the basement held a little diner called the Nibble Nook.  Clarence Lorson gave me my first real job in his grocery store after school when I was 13 years old.  I needed a work permit and was hired to stock shelves, bag and carry out groceries, and sweep the floor, all for 60 cents an hour.

After Lorson moved his grocery store into the store where Circle K downtown is located in  the early 60s, the building had many additional uses.  The middle picture shows the building just before it was torn down for the Middlefield Bank redevelopment project.





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