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First Cardinal Graduates Hold 60th Reunion

The District was honored to host nine members of the Class of 1958 on Saturday, Aug. 18 for a tour of their old high school, which is the former CIS building. The group was in town celebrating their 60th class reunion. (l-r) Ed Ward, Karolynne Higgins, Dan Moss, Mary Hnath, Betty Harwood, Eileen Baumgartner, Donna Sanaslo, , Laurie Hauser and Jack Kothera. (MP Photo/CSD)

Cardinal High School’s first graduating class of 1958 got together to celebrate their 60th year as alumni and cultivate the friendships that have continued over the years.  At the time, the class was considered large at 41.  

Out of the 41 graduates there are 27 living and 15-16 attended a two-day reunion on Aug. 17 and 18.  On Friday there was a social/dinner at the old Huntsburg School, now the Huntsburg Community Center. Saturday’s events were a tour of the old school in Middlefield with Dr. Scott Hunt, Cardinal superintendent serving as tour guide, followed by dinner at Dutch Country Restaurant.  

Twelve of these class members started kindergarten and spent their entire school years together in the one school building on Kinsman Road in Middlefield. The high school classes met on the top floor, junior high on the ground floor and the elementary classes were on the basement floor. All this, plus an industrial arts shop, home economics lab and auditorium/gymnasium in the same building. Classmates joke that their gymnasium was so small the center jump circle intersected with the two foul circles at each end.  

The consolidation brought together young athletic talent from Parkman and Huntsburg to bolster the existing Middlefield talent. The class’s sophomore, junior and senior years accomplished a number of county championships and sports records in football, baseball and basketball. In addition, a couple of trips were made to state district playoffs in baseball and basketball. All the other school areas thrived as well in academics, music and curriculum. The varsity cheerleaders were a great team and won awards at the district competition.

The class has a reunion every five years, a testament to the friendship and memories they have of each other and the school that set them on their life journey. May they all enjoy many more years of continued health and happiness!


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