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Parkman Triplets Turn 30

(back row, l-r) Len Hall, Parkman triplets Jeff, Jeremy, Josh, Josh's wife Stephani, and Patty Hall. (front row, l-r)  Proud grandparents Donald Gatrell, Phyllis Gatrell and Gertrude Hall. (MP Photo/Jayne Kracker)

By Jayne Kracker

Thirty years ago, on Aug. 23, the Leonard and Patty Hall household was immediately increased by three. Three of the most adorable babies you have ever seen arrived at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Cleveland in the afternoon. Jeff, Jeremy, and Josh ventured into this world and into many adventures as triplets.

“Len was flabbergasted when he found out there were to be triplets, but he managed,” said grandmother Gertrude Hall.  “After they came home from the hospital, Patty was very organized. She had a schedule and had the three babies bathed and fed in no time.”  

“Three babies were a challenge, that’s for sure,” laughed Patty. “Many family and friends helped out, though, and made it easier.” She devised a system that would make sure everyone could tell the boys apart – she dressed Jeff in red, Jeremy in green, and Josh in blue.  This helped the teachers as well.

“Harold Hall and I were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the babies while I was at home keeping busy,” remembered Gertrude. “The news came and we were all thrilled and started thinking about schedules for feeding, changing, and bathing the babies.” According to grandmother Phyllis Gatrell, “Husband Donald was busy making plans for his first grandchildren. I was at the hospital and couldn’t wait to hold the babies. Now they’re 30 years old and I can’t believe where the time went.” Parents and grandparents alike agreed that they are so proud of the men they have become.

“In grade school in Parkman, the teachers had a hard time telling us apart,” said Jeff.  “However, when we got to Cardinal High School, we all looked different enough that it was easy to tell who was who.” Their careers are varied: Jeff is a peace officer; Jeremy a pharmacist, and Josh a lineman.


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