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The Great Escape

(l-r) Cameron S., Dylan S. and Tyler O. work together to determine how to navigate their way through seven puzzles in an attempt to escape their eighth-grade English room. The activity was part of the Growth Mindset which helps students understand they can do anything if they work together. (MP Photo/CSD)

The Great Escape is on in eighth grade! Students worked together in the Growth Minder Escape Room to navigate their way through seven puzzles where at each completion they received a key to unlock the Key Code. They had to use decoders and ciphers to unlock puzzles, think outside the box and work collaboratively with their peers. Many times students who get stuck on difficult tasks say, “I can’t do this,” which is a fixed mindset. The Escape Room allowed students to change their thinking into a growth mindset where they say, “I can do anything!” In situations that become difficult it is easy to say I can’t do something and give up. With a growth mindset students will see and begin to understand that they can do anything if they put in the effort and overcome the obstacles.


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