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Get Tornado Warnings Early


Recently the Middlefield area experienced a touch down by two tornadoes,  and this is not the first time. Do you know how to stay informed about a severe weather event?  Sign up for Geauga Public Alerts, a free public notification system called WENS.  

In the event of an emergency or severe weather condition, an alert may be sent to the phone number you provide by voice, text and/or email, however you chose. But you must go to the Geauga County Sheriff’s website at https://Sheriff.co.geauga.us and click on the Geauga Public Alerts! link on the left side of the screen.  Answer just a few basic questions, and begin receiving notifications for your municipality and other municipalities you have chosen.

Geauga County respects your privacy. In a time of disaster, the location of persons who may have ‘special needs’ is important for emergency management. If you have a person or persons
at your location who have a special need, you can select the most appropriate condition from the list provided on the registration.  This information will only be used to insure the most appropriate care available in times of crisis.

If you or a family member or a friend does not have a computer, the nearest Geauga County Public Library has computers that you can access or ask someone for assistance.  

Next time there is an emergency or severe weather condition in your area, you will receive a phone call, text or email with the identification number sent from Geauga Alerts will originate from 69310 for text messages and (440)286-1234 for phone calls. Please be sure to save these in your phone under Geauga Alerts.

Also through the Geauga County Sheriff’s website, you have the ability to search for the locations of sex offenders in your area.  Click on the Sex Offender link on the left side of the screen and specify your home address, work address, school district or other location.  This is provide as a public service tool through eSORN.

Both the Geauga Public Alerts and the Sex Registry are designed to create community safety and awareness.  If you have any questions, please contact the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office via email at geaugaso@county.geauga.oh.us or by phoning the dispatch center at 440-286-1234.  In case of an emergency, dial 9-1-1.  


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