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Grangers at the Fair

The new sign at Gate 1 that greeted visitors to the Geauga County Fair was created by WillowLeaf Sign and donated by the Fair Auxiliary. (MP Photo/Colleen Lockhart)

By Colleen Lockhart

The Grange has been around since 1867 when the National Grange became the first nationwide farm organization and has had a place at the Geauga County fair for 196 years.  Their motto is “American Values, Hometown Roots.”  

Huntsburg, Hambden and Ledge Granges make up the Pomona Grange in Geauga County.  Each has a display in the Agricultural Building at the south end of the fairgrounds to show who they are and how they serve the community during the year.  Ribbons are given for placing and this year’s first place winner was Ledge Grange.

The Junior Fair Grange youth group completes a booth in the Junior Fair Building that is judged on in competition with other Junior Fair group booths.

The Hambden Grange open food pavilion is permanently located near the Domestic Arts building.

The Pomona Grange Diner serves hot coffee and good food and was ready to serve their customers during the Geauga County Fair.  Volunteers from Huntsburg and Ledge Granges prepared thousands of great meals for hungry visitors. The money raised at the diner is used to help local communities.  

The Diner is inside building #16 located next to the first-aid station building #55.  An ATM machine is installed on the outside of the building.  Breakfast starts at 7 a.m. for early birds with eggs, sausage, bacon and real Geauga County maple syrup for pancakes.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, and other sandwiches make a great lunch.  Roast beef and meatloaf with all the extras were served for dinner.  Pie, cookies or fry pies were served all day.  Pomona Grange participates in the Family-A-Fair program.  

Contact Chris Lanstrum, Pomona secretary, 440-548-5577 or clanstrum@bentronix.com for information on how to join.  See you next year.  


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