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Burton Fire Department Visits Burton Elementary

Members of the Village of Burton Fire Department Discuss Hands-on Home and Building Safety Measures with First Grade Students at Burton Elementary School. (MP Photo/BSD)

Burton Elementary recently invited members from the Village of Burton Volunteer Fire Department into classrooms to help reinforce various lessons on safety and following proper protocols in the event of an emergency. As part of the District’s emphasis on Project Based Learning, students joined in a discussion with the firemen in attendance about what to do in case of a fire at their homes. This lesson comes after a building-wide fire drill that took place earlier in the week. Three public safety representatives joined the first graders to remind them of the importance of checking their smoke detectors, identifying a meeting-place outside of their home along with other life-saving protocols. The invitation to our local public safety forces also underscores the value that the Berkshire Local Schools is placing on community involvement and rigor of instruction. In all, students learned a great deal of information from the hands-on demonstration and discussion that was led by our firemen from the Village of Burton. Thank you to these individuals, for helping to bring an added level of reinforcement of this lesson in our elementary classroom.


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