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Middlefield Historical Society Elections

The Middlefield Historical Society held its annual meeting and election of officers and board of trustees members on Oct. 20. (l-r) Vice president, William Darpel; treasurer, Evelyn Darpel; secretary, Diana J, Cathan and president, Susan Sullivan. (MP/Photo Marc P. Krol)

The Middlefield Historical Society held its annual meeting and banquet on Saturday, Oct. 20 following a delicious and plentiful dinner with homemade pumpkin pie for dessert. The annual election of officers and board of trustees members was moderated by president Susan Sullivan.

Taking office on Nov. 1 will be president Susan Sullivan, vice president William Darpel, secretary Diana J. Cathan and treasurer Evelyn Darpel. Filling out the board will be Thomas Caldwell, Chris Gercken, Rachael Hartman, Kyle Herr, Donald Hunter, Laura Imm and Kathie Jackson, joined by new trustee Julie Kirby. Three veterans in attendance (Clement Craig, Carl Hornung and Donald Hunter) were recognized and thanked for their service.

The featured program for the evening was “What Makes the Greatest Generation Great?” presented by local author Diane Ryder. The talk included highlights of her two recently released nonfiction books. “Love Always: A World War II History and Romance by Airmail is based on 675 letters Jack Cuffman had written to Lois Licklider while he was island-hopping in the Pacific with the 11th Bombardment Group (H), known as the Grey Geese, during World War II. Jack and Lois started as pen pals, but later became secretly engaged by long-distance letter. Once he returned home after the war, they married and raised a family, Diane Ryder being their daughter. “Last Flight of the Grey Geese “recounts the 1997 trip Ryder took with her parents to the final reunion of the Grey Geese. The talk provided an interesting and personalized perspective on the war, bringing some moments of laughter and other moments of tears.

Middlefield Historical Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving local history. For information on memberships or activities, leave a message at 440-632-0400.


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