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A Look Back in Time by Rick Seyer


These photos are of the big snow that hit Middlefield over the Thanksgiving weekend of 1950.  Nearly the entire state had more than 10 inches and most communities in the eastern half of Ohio measured 20 to 30 inches of snow during this storm. As the storm strengthened, winds increased to over 40 mph and a severe cold wave swept the state early on Friday, Nov. 24 dropping temperatures to near zero. The worst storm conditions occurred on Saturday, Nov. 25 as near-blizzard conditions prevailed throughout Ohio. By late in the day, snow reached 20 inches in eastern Ohio and drifts were 25 feet deep. 

The storm continued through Sunday and by Monday morning, snow reached 33 inches at Steubenville, 30 inches in Geneva, and 29 inches at Youngstown. Bulldozers were used to clear roads so that ambulances could reach those in need. The Ohio National Guard used Jeeps to transport people to hospitals and to deliver food to rural homes. Wires and trees were blown down by winds as high as 60 mph. Many buildings collapsed under the weight of 2 to 3 feet of snow and much deeper drifts.


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