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Larimar – The Gemstone of the Caribbean


Larimar, also known as “Stefilia’s Stone, is a rare variety of the silicate mineral, Blue Pectolite.  It is a lovely mixture of blues, soft greens, white swirls and red hematite.  It gives you a vision of ocean waters and deep blue seas. This stone is very rare. The only known sources are in the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. 

Country Arts & Jewlery offers Larimar jewelry set in sterling silver and handcrafted in New Mexico. You can choose from pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, watches and large necklace sets. 

Larimar is one of the “spiritual stones” that opens to new dimensions, stimulating evolution of the earth.  It radiates love, peace, and promotes tranquility.  It stimulates the third eye, heart, crown, and throat chakras, and promotes self-healing. Psychologically, Larimar removes self-imposed blockages and dissolves self-sabotaging behavior. 

Mentally, Larimar brings serenity, clarity, constructive thought, creativity and encourages “going with the flow.” 

Emotionally, Larimar brings calmness, heals trauma to the heart and connects us to a joyful childlike energy.  Read up on more health and healing properties of Larmiar in many of the crystal healing books sold at Visit Country Arts & Jewlery, 15864 Nauvoo Road,  Middlefield ( 44062).


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