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Sasquatch – Fact or Fiction

Sasquatch hunters (l-r) Mike, Kris, Ellie and Ron. (MP Photo/Ellie Behman)

By Ellie Behman

When we bought our property in Southern Ohio many years ago, we noticed a few unfamiliar signs which we attributed to imagination. One wintry day Ron and I took a walk in the snow covered field. There, before us, were the largest foot prints we had ever seen and they were extremely far apart. We never saw them again but the memory lingered.

Then Ron was blackpowder hunting and saw a deer running across the field followed by a tall form dressed all in brown.  It was gun season and there was no orange visible. Hmmmm, food for thought.

Later in the summer our young grandsons, Jason and Brandon were in back of the cabin showering and suddenly heard a deep growl coming from the woods in back. Needless to say, two suds-covered little boys rushed into the cabin shivering and frightened.  They spent the next night going into the field for a few hours trying to conquer their fear.  

Many years have passed and Mike, our son-in-law, has begun to research Sasquatch phenomenon and the hundreds of sightings and stories recorded around the country. We are now taking more interest in the bowed saplings depicted and have begun to view the property in a different way. Then there were massive foot prints all through the woods.  I smiled, I listened, but to be honest I wasn’t totally convinced. Big Foot? Nah!

Then Mike, Ron and my daughter Kris took a walk down a path. I stayed back enjoying the quiet. When they returned, they had the “deer in the headlights” look. During their walk, they stopped, listened and heard the loudest, guttural growl possible. Could have been a bear or other large animal – – could have. Then there is the tiniest seed of curiosity that lures a person to look at the woods more closely.  

We enjoyed finding tree structures (many have been recorded across the country by Sasquatch hunters and now they adorned our woods along the paths) and searched for more foot prints. Ron came back with a story as he walked near the field. He had a “No Trespassing” sign nailed to a tree that had fallen down. Common sense will tell us that when it fell, the sign would be on its side. He noticed that it was upright on the fallen tree, clearly stating “No Trespassing.”  Visitors perhaps? Or is it something we know little about?   

Sasquatch, fact or fiction?  The answer really doesn’t matter since time spent with family resulted in a fun, light-hearted weekend and that is all that mattered. However, I do have to point out we cannot ignore the intense low growl’s, the huge footprints and the hundreds of bowed saplings. I’m just sayin’. Of course, the jury’s still out on my verdict but who knows what I may see or hear in the future that will make a believer out of me.  It could be Sasquatch wearing Mike’s glasses which fell somewhere on the property.


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