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Maggie’s Name and Legacy



Ever wonder where Maggie’s Donuts in Middlefield got their name? Sharon Gingerich, Geauga County Recorder, is Maggie’s daughter. “My father told my mother that if she would marry him, he would put her name up in lights,” said Gingerich. ”I don’t think the donut shop was quite what she had in mind, but that’s how Maggie’s Donuts came to be.” 

Margaret Pierce, aka Maggie, would have been 100 years old this past Dec. 22. Each year around this date, Gingerich will hold a “Maggie’s Daughter’s Donut Day” at the Recorder’s Office in Chardon. Anyone can stop in and enjoy some conversation and a county-wide-famous Maggie’s donut.  

Gingerich’s father, Stan, started Maggie’s Donuts in East Cleveland next to Nela Park. The family lived in Newbury at the time. In the mid-60s Basil and Junior White (aka The White Brothers) who were very good friends with Stan, asked him if he would like to move the donut shop into their newly-constructed White Brothers Grocery in Middlefield (currently Great Lakes Outdoor Supply).

“Junior White was a visionary,” said Gingerich, “inside the store, there was Maggie’s Donuts, Scott’s Bakery and a small restaurant proximal to the meat counter. You could go, pick out your steak, and they would cook it for you.”

Years later, Gingerich’s father sold the donut shop to Ryan Naylor who later sold it to current owner, Bill Poole and the success continues with several other locations. 

Maggie’s Daughter’s Donut Day has become a great tradition. So, in December, 2019, look forward to a donut at the County Recorder’s Office, compliments of Maggie’s daughter, Sharon Gingerich.


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