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UH Donates “Stop the Bleed” Buckets to District

Members of the University Hospitals EMS Training and Disaster Preparedness Institute deliver “Stop the Bleed” buckets to Cardinal superintendent, Dr. Scott J. Hunt (center). Buckets will be given to every teacher to have in their room in the event of an emergency. (MP Photo/CSD)

Thank you to our friends at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center for delivering 125 “Stop the Bleed” emergency response buckets to our district today. Buckets were delivered to each school building and will be given to every teacher to have in their rooms. Additional buckets will be kept in offices and other places throughout our district buildings. The buckets contain a tourniquet, gauze, dressing, bandages, tape, a door wedge, toilet paper and all come in a large bucket that can also be used in emergency situations. Staff members went through training earlier this school year to better understand how to utilize the buckets should a crisis occur. The training was just one of several we did at Cardinal in an effort to increase our abilities to respond during an emergency and to enhance safety in the District. While we are again grateful to have these free resources at our fingertips, we all hope to never have to use them.


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