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Eight Steps to Better Health


By Deborah Wenner

What is Better Health? Is it for your physical body, mental well-being, or are you searching for a spiritual connection? This is a great time to take a step forward to find what makes you feel better. You can start slow and work your way to a new you! Take as many steps as you want, there is no right or wrong way. Just taking one step each week or each month, you are moving in a new direction to better health. Listed below are a few things you can do to enhance your path to learning how to take care of you and your better health!

Remember to be grateful for blessings already on the way.

1. Cleanse your home and yourself with the burning of White Sage and other herbs to release stale, stuck energy that keeps you from healing or moving forward.

2. Take a nice healing bath or foot bath with Himalayan salts scented with essential oils for deep release of toxins and relaxation. Find natural bath and beauty products that are not filled with chemicals.

3. Light candles to set a room with a calm tone of peace and well-being. Choose candles that are made with pure essential oils for added healing.

4. Use lighted crystal lamps, Selenite, Himalayan Salt, Amethyst, or Quartz. These will bring powerful healing, clarity of mind, deep peace, protection, higher guidance, better breathing and much more to you and your home.

5. Disconnect from cell phones, computers, and TVs as these emit radiation and cause disruption to our bodies on a cellular level that can cause disease. Many crystals are known to help protect you from EMF waves. Try wearing or placing Black Tourmaline, Amber, Jet, Amethyst, Fluorite, or Amazonite for protection.

6. Practice simple meditation or use Feng Shui to find calm and balance in your home or sacred space. Using essential oils, Reiki or Chakra healing will benefit you and your whole family.

7. If you do have health issues, you can introduce gems and crystals into your body, life and home that can bring many levels of healing energy and enjoyment.

8. Read a good book to learn more about natural healing with crystals, gems, minerals and positive thinking.

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