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You Know You Have Cabin Fever When… By Ellie Behman


1. You name the plants in the house (named a new shoot Sprout).

2. You talk to your pet more than usual.  

3. When you expect your furry friend to answer you back.

4. Climbing the stairs dozens of times to do the laundry makes you feel like you climbed Mt. Everest.

5. You get a kick out of picking up the phone and talking to all robo callers.

6. You make a hundred trips to the refrigerator hoping to find something new and exciting each time preferring junk food and all sweets.

7. You watch television for so many hours and begin arguing with the news media.  Ron taught me that as he is the great critic of all television news reporting.

8. Your only source of outdoor entertainment is going to get the mail.

9. When the snow plow knocks the mailbox off the post and you go into depression.

10. When you and your hubby/wife are silent for days until the snowstorm passes.  

11. When conversations resume, the most engaging subjects are “what’s the temperature in here?” “what’s to eat?” or “did you take your pills?”

12. When you can’t reach an agreement on where to set the thermostat.  It’s amazing how one degree up or down can trigger yet another conversation.

While snowstorms are beautiful to view from inside the house, they force us to stay indoors for days and experience collateral damage. We tend to eat nonstop and find more things on television to argue with. By the time spring arrives our kids will find two cranky fat people having a conversation with our cat. Why not? He doesn’t argue, enjoys a head scratch, a warm bed to sleep in, loves the food we feed him and has no opinion of the news media. What better companion can we have to help us endure cabin fever?

Ellie, a freelance writer for more than 40 years, has written more than 400 articles. She and her  husband spend as much time as possible at their cabin where they enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area.  This is where she accomplishes the majority of her writing, as it is the perfect, quiet setting for a writer.

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