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A Romantic Breakfast for Two


By Ellie Behman

So many great articles have been written about maple sugaring time that I won’t even pretend to compete or know all the hard work and dedication that goes into it.  Instead, I would like to take this article to another time and place.

Ron and I had visited Malabar Farm in Lucas, Ohio, many years ago and enjoyed the tour of the farm and also watched as they went through the process of making maple syrup. I could almost taste the pancakes, dripping with butter and nestled in a pool of syrup.

Among the information we gathered, we were told that the actors Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were married at Malabar Farm. Their wedding took place on May 21, 1945 and Louis Bromfield, author and owner of Malabar and Bogie’s close friend, served as best man. Lauren was just 19 and Bogie was 25 years her senior. They were better known as Bogie and Bacall.  Although their marriage only lasted under 12 years, the magic of their fairy tale wedding has never faded.  

I am a hopeless romantic and I instantly pictured the two of them sitting down and enjoying a stack of pancakes with, of course, plenty of maple syrup from the farm as well as fresh eggs and lovingly gazing into one another’s eyes on the first day of their life together.

Although their stay at the farm was short, I envisioned them huddled together in a small carriage touring the beautiful hills before they had to leave for Hollywood. What a thrill it must have been for the people in the area to share in this little piece of movie history as they drove by.  

Now, when I prepare a stack of pancakes with maple syrup, I will gaze lovingly into Bogie’s eyes (oops, I mean Ron’s).  Guess I got a little carried away here.  I can’t help but think of Bogie and Bacall on that first day of married life, sharing a romantic breakfast for two.

Ellie, a freelance writer for more than 40 years, has written more than 400 articles. She and her  husband spend as much time as possible at their cabin where they enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area.  This is where she accomplishes the majority of her writing, as it is the perfect, quiet setting for a writer.


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