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Village of Middlefield Update


By Mayor Ben Garlich

This past Saturday, our police Department had their “Fill-A-Cruiser” event in front of Walmart and Save-a-Lot stores. This is an event that is held three times a year in partnership with St. Lucy’s. It helps support the less fortunate at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our police volunteer their time to collect and deliver to St. Lucy’s where a team separates and distributes. It is a tradition we are proud to be part of. I’ve been involved for eight years and this was the first time that the weather was beautiful. At every other event, the weather has been miserable. Good weather helped with people’s mood and more importantly, generosity. We never know how generous until we get the final tally, but it appeared to me food and money collection exceeded past collections. Thanks to all who generously contributed and those who volunteered to make this program successful.

It is entertaining interacting with people, hearing their comments and perspective on many issues during the food collection process. In addition to the enjoyable interaction I was amazed at the number of people who due to age or other issues struggled physically to navigate from parking lot to store. I then was able to observe the number of taxi drivers that sit in their vans while they wait for their clients to shop and return. The drivers had handicap stickers on their mirrors but had no intention of getting out of their vehicle. I then watched as the handicap spaces were fully occupied with drivers sitting in their vehicles while handicapped people who actually needed to go into the store walked from more distant non-handicap spaces. This practice is not illegal but to say the least a disrespectful behavior. If you plan to drop people off and sit in your vehicle and wait till they return, out of consideration for those that have physical restrictions and need to physically go into the store, please do not occupy a handicap parking spot. I wish we could ticket the inconsiderate offenders.

During our last council meeting we awarded the bid for repaving of Lake Street and Edgewood. This month’s meeting we will be approving the lowest and best bid for the sidewalk improvement on the North side of Grove Street. Our investigation of adding additional water supply continues. In 2016, your Village wells supplied 114.2 million gallons of water. In 2017 the demand on the wells was 116.1 million gallons of water. In 2018, the demand climbed to 132.7 million gallons of water. We know in the next 18 months, the approved new industrial projects will substantially increase the current high demand. Creating additional water supply is expensive and time consuming and we want to make sure we are ahead of the demand curve.   

 Be informed, be involved, exercise your right to vote, shop Middlefield and visit www.middlefieldohio.com


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