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Apatite in Green and Blue


Apatite has inspirational properties. At the cross-section point of consciousness and matter, the properties of apatite can step in to assist with manifestation and promotion of a humanitarian attitude, especially in service of others.

Apatite is attuned to the future, yet connects to past lives. It develops psychic gifts and spiritual attunement, deepens meditation, raises the kundalini* (an inner spiritual and sexual energy that resides at the base of the spine but can be stimulated to rise to the crown chakra) and aids communication and self-expression on all levels.

Apatite will increase motivation, openness, and social ease. It draws off negativity about oneself and others. It also expands knowledge and truth and eases sorrow, apathy, and anger. Expect apetite to reduce irritability and help you to overcome emotional exhaustion. By releasing energy in the base chakra, this stone clears frustration and endorses passion without guilt.

Apatite heals bones and encourages formation of new cells. It aids absorption of calcium and helps cartilage, bones, teeth, and motor skills and ameliorates arthritis, joint problems, and rickets. This stone suppresses hunger and raises the metabolic rate, encouraging healthy eating; heals the glands, eridians, and rgans; and vercomes hypertension. It alances he physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, nd he chakras, eliminating over activity and stimulating under activity. Used with other crystals, Apatite facilitates results.

Blue apatite connects to a very high level of spiritual guidance. It facilitates public peaking, enhances roup communication, opens the throat chakra, and heals the heart and emotional disease.

Country Arts and Jewelry, 15864 Nauvoo Road, Middlefield (44062) has tumbled stones in Green Apatite, which might appear as a green-yellow in specimens, and Blue Apatite. Take a look and see if this stone “speaks” to you and your healing, spiritual, or metaphysical needs at this time. Call 440-632-5343.

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