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Hey Kids, How About One More Chance


By Ellie Behman

With Mothers’ Day quickly approaching, I sit back and reflect on what the kids might have thought of me when they were growing up. I would hope they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I adored them and loved being a stay-at-home mom who was able to spend quality time with them. Of course, they may not have the same view as I do so I don’t think I’ll ask them. I had a dear aunt who once told me there aren’t any instructions on how to be a good parent. We just do the best we can.  

Walking down memory lane brings with it some regrets, some smiles and even a few tears. I’m sure there were days when my patience had reached its peak and I was less than understanding. Those are some of the regrets. My kids were cunning and knew how to stay up late even when I set a bedtime hour. I would sometimes fall asleep before they did and they would take little candy wrappers, roll them up and tuck them inside my hair rollers. How could I get mad when I woke to see them rolling on the floor laughing? There were a lot of smiles like that.

The times that tug at my heart strings the most were when they became ill. Nothing makes a mom feel so helpless as when her child is suffering. These experiences brought on the tears.

I think it’s safe to say that most moms wish they could have a do-over for a chance to do things a little better. I’m one of those moms. I wish I laughed more, hugged more and told them how special each one of them was to their father and me.  

Now, as I write this, I see what kind of adults they have become and I am suddenly satisfied that maybe, just maybe, I did some things right.  

Our eldest is the kindest person one will ever meet. Although she works, she is there for whoever needs her help, including her parents. She prepares meals for people who are recuperating after surgery or other illnesses. She is a mother of two and a loving grandmother of three handsome boys, yet she always seems to have time for those who are less fortunate. Her love of the Lord shines through everything she does.

Our son is one of the most honest, trustworthy men I know. His word is as good as gold. He is a widower and father of three and also grandfather of three adorable children. Many weekends he takes time to bring food to a church that feeds the homeless where he resides in Florida.  His weekly calls to us help erase the sadness we feel because he lives so far away.  I am proud to call him my son.    

 Then we have our youngest, who is a bright light in our lives. She exudes all that is good and her bubbly nature reflects that each and every day. She is fun loving and easy to be around. She and her husband have two grown sons who are respectful and kind.  She finds it important to read scripture every day and applies it to her life. She always tells me that only positive words should come out of our mouths and I have to say she has taught me some things along the way. She has a huge heart and draws people to her like a moth to flame.   

As I read this I wonder if I did so badly. Even through my mistakes and impatience I see perfect, beautiful God-fearing individuals. Why on earth would I look for another chance, right kids? I’ll stop while I’m ahead and count my Blessings.  

Happy Mothers’ Day to each mom out there.   

Ellie, a freelance writer for more than 40 years, has written more than 400 articles. She and her  husband spend as much time as possible at their cabin where they enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. This is where she accomplishes the majority of her writing, as it is the perfect, quiet setting for a writer.


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