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Senior Wins Gold at State Skills Competition


Congratulations to CHS senior Cody L. He and his partner from Auburn Career Center received Gold medal at the state SkillsUSA competition in the Cyber Security portion of the competition. During this competition contestants had to successfully complete assigned tasks at ten different stations. Tasks were designed to provide a variety of Cyber Security challenges based on recommended best practices of the industry. Cody and his teammate had to take a written exam; provide verbal instructions to an evaluator on completing a task; display knowledge of hardening an end point or standalone computing device; maintain security of and with a managed switch; access, configure, and establish security for a router;  harden a server against an attack; install and configure network boundary devices; install, configure, and secure wireless access points and mobile devices; conduct forensic activities with Incident Response Actions; and finally, plan, prepare, and execute tests for the penetration testing process. With the exception of the exam station, the team had 45 minutes to complete the task at each station. Congratulations Cody!


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