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Father’s Day Interview

Ron Behman (MP Photo/Ellie Behman)

By Ellie Behman

I thought an interview with a seasoned dad would be an interesting twist for a Father’s Day article. I planned on finding the best candidate and ask his thoughts about fatherhood. I know without a shadow of a doubt, the guy I selected would be honest and God fearing. What could be more straight forward than that? Hope the reader enjoys it.

Q: When did you know that you wanted to be a father?

A: I’ve always thought that marriage and having children was natural, not the other way around.

Q: Were you nervous when your wife first told you that you would be a dad?

A: No, not at all

Q: When your first child was due, were you hoping for a boy or a girl?

A: I had no preference.  All children are a gift from God

Q: What were your feelings when you first laid eyes on the baby?

A: I thought, “What a beautiful child.”

Q: Were you afraid to hold her?

A: Sure, I was. They look so fragile and I know you have to support their head. Who wouldn’t be afraid? 

Q: What was special about this little girl?

A: She was born because of our love for one another

Q: Your next child was a boy.  What hopes and dreams did you have for him?

A: At the time he was born, my only thought was, “Thank God he’s healthy.”  As he got older, I probably thought we might hunt or fish together and share those special times.

Q: The baby of the family was a little girl.  How did she differ from the others?

A: At birth we loved them all the same as we still do.  As they grew, sure they all have different personalities but that makes life interesting.  She was a beautiful baby and still is.

Q: Looking at your family now, how do you feel about fatherhood?

A: To answer your question, I am proud of every one of them. My wife did a good job. Please, no more questions,

That’s my guy.  Straight to the point and a very smart man to give credit to his wife. Thanks Ron, you are a great dad and a fun interview.

Ellie, a freelance writer for more than 40 years, has written more than 400 articles. She and her  husband spend as much time as possible at their cabin where they enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. This is where she accomplishes the majority of her writing, as it is the perfect, quiet setting for a writer.


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