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Miracle Farm Rescue, “Save-A-Can, Save-A-Horse”


By Colleen Lockhart 

Amanda Franko created the Save A Can, Save A Horse fundraiser for her Girl Scout Silver Award in 2017, the highest award a Girl Scout cadet can earn for focusing on making the community a better place. Her fundraising efforts of saving aluminum cans and turning them in for scrap value is ongoing. Over $100 has been collected and donated to the Miracle Farm Rescue Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 2002 for the rescue and rehabilitation of slaughterhouse and sport horses. 

BJ Hartmann-Sasak, owner of Miracle Farm Horse Rescue in Parkman, provides medical care, nutrition, shelter and training so rescued horses can be placed in permanent, loving homes. As an owner of three horses herself, Franko was inspired to create “Save-A-Can, Save-A-Horse,” knowing how costly it is to rescue and rehabilitate horses. 

Franko said, “My love for horses inspired me to want to help underfunded horses. BJ Hartmann-Sasak has helped my horse, Lark, become a great show pony.” 

Franko lives in Fowler in Trumbull County, Ohio. She is 17 years old and will be attending Mathews High School as a senior this coming school year. She and her horse, Lark, share the same birthday. They competed at the 2017 Ohio State Fair and took tenth place.

Miracle Farm Horse Rescue is holding their first ever fundraiser, the Spring Baby Foal Shower, on June 22 from 1 to 5 p.m. at 17964 Owen Road in Parkman. To be an event sponsor or for information, call 440-318-4113 to leave a message. To donate to Miracle Farm Rescue go to www.miraclefarmrescue.org/donate or to establish a pick up location for aluminum can drop off contact, BJ Hartmann-Sasak 440-318-4113.


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