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Cops and Kids Fish!


Fifty-two children fished with their families and the Middlefield Police officers at the Bob Giardina Lake in Middlefield on June 8. “We are committed to this community,” said Chief Joe Tucholski. This interaction between the local cops, kids and their parents contributes to what the chief calls “community-oriented policing.” “We do everything we can, as a force, to build relationships with kids and their families, so they will feel more comfortable with us – and it’s working. Every year we see more children involved in our public events,” he says. 

Dominic Naples caught the largest, 3.1-pound fish. (Chief Joe Tucholski, right)

The Middlefield Police Department concentrates a presence at all schools in Middlefield. “We have officers greeting students at arrival and dismissal,” says Tucholski. The officers also interact with local kids whenever opportunities arise. “My guys will get out and play with the kids at the basketball courts,” he adds. “It is important that children don’t only see us at times when things are bad so we make an intentional effort to interact in good times. They then trust and look to us during the rough times.”

Chief Tucholski joined the force in Middlefield in 1999 and has been chief since 2014. “It’s great,” he says. “Children use to avoid the cops; now, I intentionally drive with my windows open and can hear kids say, “Hi, Mr. Tucholski”. He adds, “But we know, we can do more and would love suggestions rom our community.” Go to iddlefieldohio.com to leave your suggestions.

Chief Tucholski functions in a dual role and heads the Service Department in Middlefield as well. This works well when coordinating all events and upgrades necessary in the village. “I have great support staff,” says the chief. Cliff Harrison versees Village service and Lieutenant Brandon Savage directs the police department.

We are grateful to our service men and women in Middlefield. It’s because of them we take our amenities and safety for granted.


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