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It’s a Boy

Brio, three months old (MP Photo/Joe Novak)

By Joe Novak

My brother and I were cleaning out my late sister’s condo; an exhausting and sad experience. On the way home we made a few stops; my brother told his wife we were stopping at a “cat house” and immediately clarified that it was the Geauga’s Rescue Village. I stopped to evaluate a kitten I had viewed on their web site.

We arrived shortly after they opened on a Saturday morning and the facility was crowded with kitten seekers. The kitten I came to look at was shy and too timid for my liking. Then I spotted “him.” He was jumping up and down yelling (meowing) “Pick me, pick me!” I spend a few minutes with him in the get-acquainted room and he stole my heart. 

I had some trepidation about bringing him home, not about the work involved with training a new kitten but about my wife’s reaction to our new guest. My wife doesn’t enjoy sharing my love and attention, but she won’t be able to resist falling in love with this perky guy. I named him “Brio”. Dictionary definition: vigor or vivacity of style and performance. He certainly is a performer with the silliest antics and feats of gymnastics that amaze, entertain, and keeping me laughing. 

We have now settled into a morning routine that both of us seem to enjoy. I get up, start my coffee and give him his first ration of wet food. After he eats, we sit down at my computer and check our email as he gets his morning rub. I have never seen a cat that loves getting a face and head rubbed more than him. He will put his head under my hand and I gently stoke his head. He also raises his head up, wanting his chin rubbed as he purrs with delight. I am not sure which of us enjoys this most. Did I mention that he climbs up my chest and gives me a quick nose bump? This is every morning and it is intentional. I assume it reaffirms our friendship.

He enjoys watching the computer monitor, especially if I put on a video with kittens or birds; he simply stares and at times purrs in delight. Falling asleep on my lap is another favorite pastime especially if I am wearing my furry robe. He can’t resist kneading it until his eyes close and slumber takes over. 

He loves people and visitors are greeted with his galloping down the entrance hall to meet his new friends. He insists they pick him up as he demands a rub down and possibly even a nose bump. 

I had forgotten how much work it is training a new kitten and at times I think I should have named him Wrecking Ball since he has knocked numerous things off shelves and tables. I built him perches to climb on and window lookouts, but keeping him off taboo places is and, I assume, will continue to be, a challenge.   

Joe Joke:  What is the difference between a cat and a comma? One has the paws before the claws and the other has the clause before the pause.

Joe Novak retired from PGS,Inc. a manufacturing company he sold in 2005. He has written over 140 articles for The Middlefield Post and is active in his community and church. Joe’s articles are based on his life and business experiences and though he tries to be as accurate as possible, he recommends you contact an expert or professional when in doubt..


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