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Fourth-grade students Olivia K. and Capri B. (right) help first graders Cameron F., Jaxon S., and Cole R. record sound waves on an oscilloscope during the first grade science day. (MP Photo/CSD)

Science Day We know it’s getting close to the end of the school year when Science Day comes for first graders! Every year science consultant Claire Zurbuch, agak Professor Z., gets his best experiments together for the pups so that each thing they do encompasses something they have learned throughout the year. This year the event took place in the new Science Lab. With the help of 4th grade student teachers Elli D., Emily P., Olivia K., Capri B., Nova Y., and Ivy K. students traveled to six different stations to watch science concepts come to life. Students worked in small groups to move a golf ball with simple machines; mark sound waves on paper with a tuning fork and pen; complete an electrical circuit; view pond critters under the microscope; discover how light changes an image in a kaleidoscope; and see sound waves on an oscilloscope. Our first graders enjoy the lab so much every year and the fourth grade teachers always do a great job of helping them out at each station!

Sixth grader Matthew H. creates a mud and water catching boot rack for the STEM Showcase. Students had to use science, technology, engineering, and math principles to create an item that would solve a problem. (MP Photo/CSD)
Dylan M., and Jack L., show off their doghouse to sixth-grade teacher Gwen Santoro. Students had to use the STEM process to create something that would solve a problem in their life.
(MP Photo/CSD)
Fourth-grade student Elli D. works with first graders Parker A., Dead D., and Layla S. on completing an electrical circuit during the first grade science day. (MP Photo/CSD)


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