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Generations of Solving Water Problems

Ecowater Servisoft building located in Burton, Ohio. (Photo/Ecowater Servisoft)

The Gemini Space program is still going strong and gas is around 30 cents a gallon. The Beatles are playing in Shea Stadium and Goldfinger is in the movie theaters. In Middlefield Charles and Ella Hall establish a company called Servisoft. The year is 1965. 

Today Ecowater Servisoft is still owned and operated by the Hall family, and the emphasis on customer service is as paramount now as it was then. On-going education and certification are also considered vital to their success and it sets them apart from the competition. The staff holds several water and product certifications including CWS and CI signifying intense study, application and testing from the National Water Quality Association for analysis, treatment and installation.  Members of the staff have also served proudly on the Ohio and Pacific Water Quality Association boards as well as local chambers of commerce. 

If you’re in the market for a water softener and you live in Northeast Ohio, consider Ecowater Servisoft’s extensive range of water softener systems to fit your needs and budget. From water softening, water conditioning and water refining, to state-of-the-art integrated drinking water solutions including carbon filtration, de-chlorination, reverse osmosis and drinking water filters, EcoWater Servisoft is your source for solving all well, pond and municipal water treatment issues efficiently and economically.  They even offer non-electric systems for softening and filtration. Visit them today or at their next Salt Sale (which is held the first Saturday of every month) to learn more. 

Ecowater Servisoft is located at 14299 Kinsman Rd. in Burton. Their phone number is 440-834-4612 and they are open M-F from 8 to 5pm and Saturday from 9 to Noon.


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