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A Look Back in Time by Rick Seyer


This week’s photo is of the car barn for the Cleveland & Eastern interurban that ran between downtown Cleveland and Middlefield. The taller building in the background is now Olde Towne Grill. Middlefield was the end of the line for this route and cars went through the parking lot of Dollar General, along Route 87 by CVS and into the barn that was next to the Olde Towne Grill. The next day it came out the back and went to Cleveland. The interurban made many round trips on this line that took 2 hours 12 minutes one way. The interurban began here in 1900 and continued operations until 1925. The automobile was becoming more popular and this led to the demise of the interurban.  Another interurban line, the Cleveland & Chagrin Falls, came into Middlefield through Mineral Lake Park and down Sperry Lane to the car barn that was located near Pizza Hut. This line was not popular and only lasted a few years. If you look closely along the east side of route 700 today, you can still see the bridge abutments for the C & CF line.  Notice the big mud puddle in the middle of Route 87.




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