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Just a Little is Enough


By Roger Kruse

Plenty of folks minimize or dismiss their spiritual life, believing that their faith doesn’t measure up. Some casually accept that their faith is simply lacking and thus a non-factor in everyday life. Others would like their faith to be stronger but painfully acknowledge that it just doesn’t seem to be “big enough”.  How about you, do you sometimes wish you had more faith? Sadly, some people put much emphasis on manufacturing a strong faith in order to somehow meet God’s qualifications for a miracle. After all, didn’t Jesus tell His disciples that they failed to cast out a demon because they had so little faith? However, check out the very next words Jesus had to say to them. “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed …nothing will be impossible for you.”  

Maybe you have some mustard seed in your cupboard in order to add flavor to a dish you are cooking. In India, mustard seeds are a staple ingredient in making certain curries. At any rate, the seeds are indeed tiny, about the size of a pinhead, or 1.5 millimeters. So what was Jesus trying to tell us when he said that mustard seed-size faith was plenty of faith to see God work? Maybe He was helping us to see that the power of faith is not in itself, rather, in the One to whom it looks. Instead of examining and questioning the size of your faith, simply plant the faith you have (even the tiniest of faith) with confidence that God hears and answers every prayer that accords with His will. In other words, God is waiting to do amazing things in your life if only you plant the faith you have in the soil of His love and power.  

When I plant my garden seeds in the Spring, I don’t worry about the seed being powerful enough to grow into a plant. If I put it in good soil, combined with enough moisture, warmth and light, the miracle of germination will take place and a new little seedling will emerge. When you come to God in prayer, know that He has your best interests at heart. He loves you and desires to bless you with the best gifts. You can expect the Lord to answer, even if it is wrapped up in a package you don’t expect. A good parent always gives what the child needs, not just what he or she wants. God knows you better than you know yourself. His motive is loving and His perspective is both wise and eternal.

I like the story of the Roman centurion whose servant was suffering terribly with a paralyzing condition. Jesus offered to go home with the centurion in order to heal the servant. However, the centurion humbly declined Jesus’ offer, feeling unworthy to even host Jesus in his home. Instead, he requested Jesus to simply “say the word, and my servant will be healed.” He recognized that Jesus had both the authority and power to answer his request. Jesus was astonished by this non-Jewish man’s faith. He said he had not found anyone in Israel with such great faith.

When we recognize that God is good and His power is sufficient for every need, we will come to trust Him. We will plant the seed of our faith in His perfect love, knowing that Jesus is alive to show us His power. Mustard seed faith really is enough, because God Himself makes all the difference!

Roger Kruse sometimes has his own doubts about faith and answers to prayer. Nevertheless, he has learned that God will unfold His plan and bestow His blessings in ways that inevitably reveal His goodness. My little seed of faith need only be planted in the soil of Jesus’ love.


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