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A Magical Place


The path down to Conkles Hollow was a bit boring and I was wondering if it was worth the walk when we came across a woman who said, “Keep walking to the end, it’s magical!” Conkles Hollow is not part of the State Park but a State Nature Preserve. Thanks to the woman who encouraged us to walk the entire trail into the hollow, it truly was magical, awesome and breathtaking! With boulders as big as trucks littering the river bed, one can only imagine the awesome force it took to place them there.

My wife and I had taken a spur-of-the-moment mini vacation to Hocking Hills in southeastern Ohio, near the town of Logan. The four-hour drive was broken up with a bit of shopping and lunch. We had been there before but my wife sprained her ankle and we had to cut the trip short, only seeing one waterfall.

The terrain can be a bit rugged and only a few handicap accessible areas exist, so come prepared. If you go to “Rock House” bring a flashlight as the cave is dark and precarious to maneuver through. There are stone steps with various heights and tree roots to stumble across but well worth enduring for the scenery. Unfortunately, it has been so dry in that area that none of the streams or waterfalls was flowing; a great reason to return in the spring.

We hiked farther than we have in years trying to keep in mind you must walk the same miles out as you walked going in. The scenery somehow pulls you in anticipating the sights just around the next corner; some breathtaking and at times frightening where falling off a cliff is just a stumble away.  I suggest that pets and small children should be on a strong leash. 

Ohio has a number of outstanding parks and nature preserves; I believe Hocking Hills is one of the best. The only disappointments were the “Dutch” restaurant that gave a fake “Amish” persona and the hot tub at the hotel did not work; could have used the therapy after the long hikes! 

Joe Joke; A hiker yells to a person standing on the other side of the river, “How do I get to the other side?” The person responds, “You’re already on the other side!”

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