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Bird Beak Adaptations

Olivia K. and Dillan C. use tongs to try to pick up sunflower seeds. Scholars were using the items to represent bird beaks and how different beaks work better for different foods.(MP Photo/CSD)

Third grade scholars are learning about animal adaptations and recently took a closer look at how birds use their beaks. All birds have beaks but not all beaks are the same. Ms. Barb Tropf wanted her scholars to dig more into this concept so she set up stations in the science lab for discovery. Using every day household items like tongs, pliers, pippets, whisks, skewers, and even their own hands, scholars tried the various tools to determine which one worked best for gathering and “eating” the various types of food that birds eat. Not all birds eat the same foods, and not all tools work the same on all foods, which, as scholars discovered, is why birds have different beaks.


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