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Physical Therapy First; Creating Awareness


By Dr. Adam M Cramer, PT, DPT

October is Physical Therapy awareness month. Physical therapy is the field of medicine devoted to restoring and improving human movement. Doctors of Physical Therapy hold doctorate level degrees and are experts in physics, kinesiology (study of human movement), exercise and functional independence.  Doctors of Physical Therapy achieve correct posture and spinal alignment by reducing pain, improve muscle function by using physical interventions such as strength training, dry needling, massage and stretching in order to restore pain-free movement which is crucial to improving your quality of life. 

Nobody wants surgery, so then why do individuals consult with an orthopedic surgeon? Surgery is a surgeon’s specialty. That’s what they are trained to do. Sure, they will offer costly imaging, ineffective injections and tell you to “rest and see how it feels.” The problem with this common conservative approach is that it actually does nothing to help correct the underlying issue that’s contributing to your symptoms when you need it the most. Then, in 4 weeks of “letting it rest” it’s worse. Even if they offer to go to their own physical therapy office, these physical therapists only get post-operative patients, they will treat you in a group with other patients, you will get lost and they are not equipped to help you avoid surgery. So then when your symptoms are worse in 4 weeks, of course, the only option left is surgery. Avoiding surgery takes an independent Doctor of Physical Therapy who’s only focus is helping people avoid surgery, providing one-on-one care and taking the time to do it right, teaching patients how to effectively controlled their symptoms and returning to normal symptom-free mobility.

No referral needed! A Doctor of physical therapy can perform a physical therapy evaluation and treatment without a physician referral in the state of Ohio through direct access. Physical therapy is a covered service by all insurance policies, up to 100 percent, making it a very affordable alternative to costly surgeries. 

In many cases, physical therapy has been shown to be just as effective as surgery when treating a wide variety of conditions from low back pain, shoulder issues and knee arthritis. So if you’re truly wanting to avoid surgery, think Physical Therapy First. Consult with a licensed independent Doctor of Physical Therapy to avoid surgery and keep moving forward.

Dr. Adam M. Cramer, PT, DPT, is a licensed physical therapist, exercise specialist and owner of MyoFit Clinic 14950 S. Springdale Ave., Middlefield (44062) 440-632-1007 and 11850 Mayfield Road, Chardon (44024) 440-286-100. References available at MyoFitClinic.com


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