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Coffee Break with Sue


By Susan Yoder

A happy Hi y’all! We have the yummy smell of fall in the house this morning.  I have the steamer going with concord grapes, making juice to can. It’s kind of time consuming, but well worth it. I know you can buy the concentrate straight from the vineyards but it’s not the satisfaction of picking them and doing it all yourself. Better yet would be to grow your own grapes.

We spent last evening at Dad and Mom’s. David, LeAnna, Noah and family brought supper. We watched them bring a big combine into the field on the corner of Adams and Bridge Road. We were all excited to watch them harvest the field of soybeans. Then they just left it set. I expect they’ll do it today.

Tonight is the big night!  I am taking the seven scholar grands to meet the Berenstain Bears at the library. I called son Normans to tell them. I must have sounded excited because Norman told me “Mom, they aren’t real!” (Like I didn’t know.)

Levi Miller Jr. “Shteff” spent 9 days in the hospital, having surgery done on a blockage. He’s at home now and doing well as far as I know.

Uncle David JS and MaryAnn and most of their marrieds and Katie Mae, Mary Lou and Susan recently spent an evening at Dad and Mom’s.  What a riot! A day brightener for sure.

We didn’t have the turn out we expected for Dad’s 80th birthday/open house. Thanks to those who did come; it meant a lot. The best part was surprising Dad and that we did! Out of state “surprisers” that dropped in were Urie and Martha Miller and Jonas and Liz Byler from KY.  Dan Jr and Sara Ann Byler and Ruthie from Guys Mills and last but not least, Tom and Linda Byler from Carlton, Pa.

One of our grandsons recently asked his mom why she’s on a diet. His brother told him, “Duh, women are always on a diet!”

‘Til next time, live simply, love generously, speak kindly.


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