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Coffee Break with Sue


By Susan Yoder

May 15,2020: Hello to all!

Today is daughter-in-law Katryn’s 33rd birthday! She is the daughter of Dan and Martha Kuhn and married to our oldest son, Norman Jr. and mother to 5 of our grandchildren. They reside on Ensign Road in West Farmington.

We have a few wedding invitations here. One is on May 26. It’s for Rebekah, daughter of John and Susan Miller and Benjamin, son of Ben and Marian Byler. Then, on June 4, it’s Adam, son of Lester Detweilers of Carrollton and Kristina, daughter of Matthew and Anna Marie Hershberger from Colorado. They plan to have the wedding at Matthew’s former home here in the neighborhood.

Mom and I went to a few greenhouses. I was impressed. Everything was just beautiful. Mom still has her love for flowers. I must say her green thumb has aged well.

Spending an evening at Linda Hostetlers house recently to discuss the world’s problems (!) were (Owen) Anna Marie Yoder, (James) Linda Miller, sis Betty and myself. We missed Andy Shrock who was unable to go. We got to check out Linda’s new home on Hickory Street in Burton. It’s very nice and cozy!

I have a wild bouquet here in a vase, and it’s actually growing. Maybe they’ll root and I can plant them!

“Honor thy Father and thy Mother, that thy days may be long upon the land the Lord thy God givith thee” Exodus 20:12.

Happy Father’s Day!

‘Til next time.

April 16, 2020:  Everything’s looking new again. Such an uplifting time of year … a time of renewal for our hearts and our minds as we think of the “Risen Savior”. How hopeless would we be without Jesus.

The girls were here for the day yesterday. The scholars were along. We had homemade donuts to celebrate the end of the school term. I’m sure many parents have a new respect for the teachers after homeschooling the past month. Too bad it had to end. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all”. Ps. 34:19.

Norm, the good husband that he is, has been doing our grocery shopping. 

(I have a problem dealing with the public right now, so I’m best off staying out.)

Dr. Rodieger, bless his heart, is open for business 3 evenings a week through April … if you’re lucky enough to find a ride here.

Noah and Barbara Yutzy and Ellen Hershberger have moved over on Shedd Road at Yoder Furniture in our church district.

We sold our horse Lady’s 2 colts, so now she’s alone again. I’m trying to convince Norm to get a pony or even a goat so she’s not so lonely.

“Til next time … Faith over Fear!

March 17, 2020: A happy hello to everyone!

This is being written from the Sunshine State. We arrived here in Sarasota on the 12th. We are staying at Dad Yoders. He had a heart attack on the first of March but is doing better. They plan on leaving for home on Thursday, 2 weeks later than planned to see his home doctors and to just be “at home”. There are still lots of “northerners” around, including my folks. We are anticipating Uncle Joe and Tillie’s arrival today. We plan to head North on the 23rd. The way it sounds I’d rather stay here. We don’t find out much about the “pandemic” about the Coronavirus. (Note to self … Let’s live day by day and trust God!)

We had the opportunity to meet and visit with scribe Linda Weaver’s brother Dan and his wife, Betty. They hail from Guthrie Kentucky and have a winter home in the same neighborhood. Marty and Mary Miller were also here the same evening. They hail from West Farmington and spent close to 3 months down here. Marty is quite the talker!

We had an interesting sight in this neighborhood. The Pesticide Control came and “tested” a house and treated it for termites. It is quite a sight. It’s certainly a different life down here.

Paul Jr. and Carol Troyer were in the bus with us coming down and ended up going home after 4 days due to his brother Robbie being deathly ill. So suddenly our lives change. One day at a time.

Sister Betty and David Detweiler had two new grandbabies in a few days’ time. Jon and Emma had a daughter, Kathleen. The other grands are John Mullets. Matt and Fannie had a son, Kenny. The other grands are John Fishers. The only greats living to those two babies are Les and Fan Detweiler and Dad and Mom.

Well, best to get this in the mail box. In closing, I’ll share a sign from Mary Yoders Kitchen. It says “I only have a kitchen because it came with the house.”

Feb. 20, 2020: We are enjoying some winter cold, at least for now.

We were shocked when we heard that (Eli) Fannie Troyer had a stroke and passed away last Saturday. We had just visited her on Thursday evening. Others there were (Levi) Saloma and Shteff, Owen and Mary Ellen Miller, (Erwin) Marcia Kuhns, Dad and Mom, and Jake and Betz Gingerich who had planned it.

I had somewhat of a busy day today. Daughter Becca had her ladies’ day here as these gals used to be here a lot. There were Beth Ann Troyer and baby Emma Kay, Lori Detweiler, Hannah and baby Linda Mae, Marla Miller, and Maria Gingerich and her Mom Woody Sadie. Daughter-in-law Martha Kay couldn’t be here as the twins were sick. We also missed Marcia Troyer and baby and Rose Raber (David) who just became first time parents to a daughter, Bethany Rose. Grands are Dan Rabers and Bill A.J. Bylers. Greats are Emma Raber, Al Liz, and Mahlon and Mary Byler. Then, tonight, the Sams John aunts and uncles were all here for “family night”. Missing out were Aunt Betty and John Weaver and Uncle Allen. They were on a tour to Florida for 2 weeks. John’s children gave them this as a gift! (Of course, they called last night to tell us how warm it was down there … 84 degrees! Probably I would complain about it being too warm, if we had it here!) (In the summer.)

(Marty) Laura Fisher took a tumble off the buggy and broke her shoulder! She is now sporting a sling. Hopefully nothing is wrong with her rotary cuff. She needs to get this checked out yet.

Andy and Laurie Hostetler invited our church for a silent auction to benefit (Dave) Mary Ellen Mullet. Her family is also invited.

On Saturday afternoon, some of us church ladies have plans to surprise (Erwin) Marcia Kuhns for her birthday.

“But let all those that put their trust in Thee rejoice; let them also that love Thy name be joyful in Thee.” Ps 5:11.

Till next time!

Jan. 26, 2020: We are having a mild winter thus far! Will it change?

Friday eve was the fundraiser at Burter’s. It was for our brother David in Missouri. He’s doctoring for Lyme’s. We did it by invitation. Thank you to all who came and for what you did. God bless you for showing you care!

Saturday, we had a Christmas dinner for the Bylers. We had an enjoyable day together. Here to share were Uncle Dan, Daniel and Betty Burkholders, Dad and Mom, Mel and Alma Kauffman, Sam and Edna Kauffman, Gid and Margaret Hershberger, Monroe and Molly Kuhns, and Mel and Lynda Schmucker. Sister Barbie also come (to help me). We missed cousins Barbara Hershberger and Allen and Kathy Miller who had other obligations, Daniel (Burkholder) was saying how he used to build wooden silos some 50 feet high and 20 feet in diameter, and he used to walk around the top edge. But now he has to watch his balance just walking on solid ground. He is 85 and remarked it’s no fun getting old. Oh well, we can all have the hope of having a different body in a better place someday.

Levi Saloma and Shteff were treated to a surprise at their grandson/nephew’s home (Al and Sarah Yoder) when Buster and Betty Miller and their marrieds revealed to them that they had been their secret friends in 2019.

‘Til next time … may you all have a blessed 2020.

A happy Hi y’all! We have the yummy smell of fall in the house this morning.  I have the steamer going with concord grapes, making juice to can. It’s kind of time consuming, but well worth it. I know you can buy the concentrate straight from the vineyards but it’s not the satisfaction of picking them and doing it all yourself. Better yet would be to grow your own grapes.

We spent last evening at Dad and Mom’s. David, LeAnna, Noah and family brought supper. We watched them bring a big combine into the field on the corner of Adams and Bridge Road. We were all excited to watch them harvest the field of soybeans. Then they just left it set. I expect they’ll do it today.

Tonight is the big night!  I am taking the seven scholar grands to meet the Berenstain Bears at the library. I called son Normans to tell them. I must have sounded excited because Norman told me “Mom, they aren’t real!” (Like I didn’t know.)

Levi Miller Jr. “Shteff” spent 9 days in the hospital, having surgery done on a blockage. He’s at home now and doing well as far as I know.

Uncle David JS and MaryAnn and most of their marrieds and Katie Mae, Mary Lou and Susan recently spent an evening at Dad and Mom’s.  What a riot! A day brightener for sure.

We didn’t have the turn out we expected for Dad’s 80th birthday/open house. Thanks to those who did come; it meant a lot. The best part was surprising Dad and that we did! Out of state “surprisers” that dropped in were Urie and Martha Miller and Jonas and Liz Byler from KY.  Dan Jr and Sara Ann Byler and Ruthie from Guys Mills and last but not least, Tom and Linda Byler from Carlton, Pa.

One of our grandsons recently asked his mom why she’s on a diet. His brother told him, “Duh, women are always on a diet!”

‘Til next time, live simply, love generously, speak kindly.


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