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Greetings from Garrettsville


By Rachel Miller

February 23, 2020: What a beautiful day. I did laundry this morning. Barbara hung it out. Then we went to Middlefield. Barbara dropped off her tax papers at Ted Reed and we shopped at Walmart, Heritage Meat to get hamburger patties and lunch meat Ivan wanted, Tractor Supply, and we stopped at the barn. We came home and the clothes were all dry and could be out away.

We heard that Rudy, 20-year-old son of Albert A. Millers, passed away last night. He was a special boy and couldn’t walk, I’m not sure what it’s called. All their boys have it. Rudy wasn’t healthy either, having gall bladder surgery several months ago. He had been real sick.

I wanted to write this last night, and I forgot. I could have taken it along to town and mailed it at the post.

February is a sad month for us. The seventh would have been Mother’s birthday. She would be 104 now. My sister Martha died of cancer on February 20, 1979. She was 41 years old and married to Dan J. Byler. They had 6 children. Ivan’s father died on February 7, 1961. He was only 54 years old. He wasn’t healthy. He had asthma and often got pneumonia.

Now, some happier news. Jacob, son of Ray I. Millers was born February 7, 1999. He is 21 years and a special boy He is our grandson. 

Going to town, I saw pails and bags hanging on trees for sap to cook into that good maple syrup. I love it on pancakes or waffles and sausage. We used to eat syrup on bread and butter. That was good, too, on homemade bread. And the good Maple Cream Candies. Rich, but good.

Jan. 23, 2020: Wednesday evening we had 23 degrees and we have 30 this morning. I don’t think it will be as cold tonight. I hope not; we want to drive to town as we both have follow-up doctor’s appointments from our blood work last week. 

Ivan’s back is finally getting better after 2 months. He does chores and is out in the shop some making clothes pin driers with bicycle wheels. His friend Tom was here this afternoon for coffee. He brought a bunch of clothes pins for him.

Barbara was home today. She was supposed to work until noon but he called and said his wife has the flu. So, Barbara chose not to go and, instead, she did some cleaning here and washed the windows. I ironed the living room curtains and we hung them up. I also did laundry this morning and hung it in the basement. It was too cold to hang any out. Barbara also brought in some wood with the toboggan. She still does that.

We will have my brother and sisters here for our Christmas on Saturday. It’s Mel Detweilers (sister Anna Mary) of Atlantic, Pa., Albert Detweilers (sister Sarah) and Mose Miller (sister Clara). One brother, Ervin Bylers, are out in Carroll County at their daughter Marie, the Bill Fishers. until the middle of February. They went out with David Kempfs on the fourth when their family got together at Alan Millers for their Christmas. I talked to Bill Marie and she said that if they can get away, Clara can come and they will take care of Mose.

Last night, we had company, Andy Lucy Ann and her three girls and her son Daniel. Andy was Ivan’s brother. It was good to see them. They brought coffee and some good cinnamon rolls, and chips.

A week ago, Sunday, was the funeral of our neighbor Marvin Miller’s little MOPD baby. He was 1 year and 7 months old. Also, a week ago, Ivan, Marvin Sadie, and Ivan’s brother were to visit his sister Sarah. She is 89 years old and doing well at this time.

Nov. 21, 2019: Today was another cloudy overcast day. But the sun did shine too. I had hanger clothes in the basement to put away, and did my morning work and mopped the kitchen floor. Not much else except help Ivan. He had laser back surgery on the 14th of November, but he had a 6 inch cut, had a spur as big around as a golf ball. He had it so bad that  it pressed on his nerves, and his leg got numb all the way to his foot. But he is starting to feel better.  We came home from the hospital on Sunday. He has good days and bad days.

Mrs.  John Mary Miller passed away at 84 years, and the funeral is Friday. I would like to go the viewing, but Ivan can’t go, so I don’t know if I’ll make it or not. We lived in that church for at least 38 years.

We will go out to our Allen’s for Christmas on Saturday Dec. 14.  It’s my turn for my sisters and brother Ervin.  There’s just five of us counting me. I don’t know when yet.

Yesterday afternoon daughter Marvin Sadie and Julie walked over. Rachel got off here from work. They stayed for supper, then walked home. Marvin and James were working on his rental house.

By Rachel Miller

Oct. 26, 2019: I want to get this letter ready for the mail tomorrow. We had a nice day. I did laundry, but it was too cloudy most of the day. Ivan was weedeating. Later this afternoon, Barbara and I went with one of her ladies to Joann Fabrics to pick out curtain material for her. She wants me to make them for her. We came home and took the laundry that wasn’t all the way dry and hung it in the basement. I also defrosted the refrigerator.

Last night, Barbara and I burned some leaves that were in the ditch. Ivan uses leaves for bedding for the horse, but he’ll get lots more.

Wednesday evening, Albert Detweilers, Ervin Bylers, and we were to Mose and Clara for Clara’s birthday. Clara has a lot of pain. She gets around with a walker. In November, she has to have a hip replacement. 

Ivan has to go for laser surgery Nov. 14. He has severe spinal spinous. He has two spurs.

We have our garden cleared out, all but the carrots. We also have 25 strawberry plants. Ivan wants to get the garden plowed and to sow rye in it.


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