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By Sarah Miller

June 21. 2020: A beautiful warm Sunday afternoon. After coming home from church at our neighbor Joe and Sara Bricker, I rested and read awhile. And now, I need to get my letter written. 

Born to granddaughter Sarah and Christon Hostetler on Wednesday, June 17, a son, Jaden Lee. He’s a tiny one, weighing 4 pounds, 7 ounces. Grandparents are Joe and Saloma Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hostetler of Guernsey County. 

On Thursday, June 11, was the wedding of grandson Mark, son of Parry and Katie Ann Miller and Rachel, daughter of Norman R. Bylers of State Route 608. 

Leaving Tuesday noon, June 17, for nephew Mervin Miller’s funeral in Deer Lodge, Tn. were sons Perry, Ray, Richard and Sue and 2 little boys, Noah Yutzy, Gideon Hershberger, great-grandson Lucus and I. The funeral was on Wednesday, June 18. We returned home by 10:30 Wednesday p.m. It was a 9-hour drive. 

Our thoughts and prayers are much with the Rudy Schmucker family since the passing of their 5-year-old son, Robert. He fell down from the haymow and died after being transferred to Akron Hospital. His funeral was on Friday, June 9. 

We are sorry to report that Ellen Hershberger (Parkman Pathways) is slowly losing out due to her cancer. She is being tenderly taken care of by her sister Barbara and Noah Yutzy. They recently moved to the home at Yoder’s Furniture on Shedd. 

The bluebirds have chased out the sparrows from their bluebird house. They are building for the third time. The second time, something got in their nest and got rid of some of the eggs. 

This Thursday, June 25, is the wedding of Mary Jane Byler and Mark Miller. This will be on Laird Road. Also, announced for marriage is Kathryn Kurtz and Robert, son of Joe and Katherine Byler. Kathryn’s parents and Dave and Cora Kurtz of Mumford Road. The wedding is to be on Thursday, July 9. 

Today is Father’s Day and is also sister Clara Kauffman’s 80th birthday. They live in Mio, Michigan. Their family had a birthday bash for her on Saturday, June 20th. Their son Melvin and family from Worthington, Indiana, and son Andrew and family from Ossinik, Michigan also attended. The rest were all locals. 

Monday morning and it looks like it might rain. The nice shower we had last evening was wonderful. I didn’t need to water my flower plants. 

Tonight, daughter Sylvia and I along with sister-in-law, Crist, Clara and her daughters, and more of the nieces, plan to go to Verna Bylers for Clara’s birthday. Hopefully, sister-in-law Saloma Miller will be able to go along, too. Her son, Levi Jr., has not been feeling well for some time. He goes to the Special Needs Work Shop when he’s able. You all have a good day. 

May 21, 2020: A foggy morning, but the sun is trying to come out, and we’re finally having warmer weather.

I spent from May 6 to May 13 at daughter Betty and Melvin Bylers in Mio, Michigan. Their son Matthew and Rosie Hershberger were married on Thursday, May 7. Then on May 14, their son Marcus, and Katie Ann Bontrager were married. Both weddings were smaller due to the shutdown. The weather was a little cool.

Due to being in Michigan for the grandson’s wedding, I missed going to brother-in-law Bill Bylers funeral which was on Thursday May 7. I was there on Tuesday before leaving for Michigan. I plan to visit sister Edna on Monday. She is kind of laid up with cellulitis in her foot.

Leaving for Kentucky on Wednesday morning, May 20 for grandson Kenny and Barbie Miller’s wedding were some of my family and Barbie’s grandparents, and a few other family members. The weather was a little rainy and cool, but we had a nice time, coming home Friday evening, May 22.

I still haven’t planted my flowerpots, but hopefully I can this week.

Greenhouses have been very busy so far, with more people planting gardens.

My first bluebirds have fledged and a second batch have 6 more eggs. They are so fun to watch … except when they peck at my kitchen window!

Ellen Hershberger is now home from the hospital, staying at her sister Barb and Noah Yutzys. No visitors for several weeks, but mail would be a nice pastime at 16109 Shedd Rd., Middlefield, Ohio, 44062.

While I was in Michigan, I got to visit sisters Liz Yoder, Clara and EIi Kauffman, and Sylvia and Albert Miller. I spent one night with Liz and had lunch at Clara’s (and Liz also joined us). Sister Sylvia missed out as she was busy helping her daughter Christina with wedding preparations.

I have a couple of friends coming to visit this morning, so I will wind this up and get it into the mail. Hopefully soon this ban will be off and things will return to a more normal time again.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all dads!

You all have a good week!

April 24, 2020: Good morning on a sometimes sunny and sometimes cloudy morning. I for one am ready for some warmer weather. Time to get flower baskets done and gardens planted.

The bluebirds are nesting and it is so fun watching them. Am waiting on the orioles and hummingbirds.

I have most of my spring cleaning done. Remember when in the “old” days we would take all the bed mattresses outside on either 4 chairs or on sawhorses and pound the dust out? That was some job, hauling those those heavy things down from the upstairs and taking them back up!! But they did smell so much better. A lot more walls were wallpapered and that was a JOB!! The saying was a man and woman should paper a room together before they got married! Now you only have to wet the back and it’s ready to go, No more dealing with that gooey paste.

I guess they are slowly opening up some business places. So, maybe before long things will be more back to normal. Schools will probably start earlier in the fall. Hopefully, the schools will be able to have their picnics later this summer.

Noah and Barb Yutzy and Ellen Hershberger have now moved to their place on Shedd Road, Ellen has been staying with an elderly lady all through the month of April, so she wasn’t able to be there when they moved. So, kind family and friends helped move her things and set up. Am sure she is anxious to see her place. She was able to help paint before going to her job.

Sister Edna and Bill Byler are both having some health issues at present. I hope to go visit soon. He’s had several light strokes and she has cellulitis in her feet, making it hard to walk. They are both in their eighties.

Well, I went so far not mentioning the “C-word”. I think those who have other health issues are hit the hardest. Let’s use common sense. Stay home when you’re sick and let’s put our trust in God to help us in these troubled times.

You all have a good week.
Stay healthy!

March 20. 2020: Friday morning and it’s a rainy one. Not a good day to hang out wash.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Mose L. Yoder and Ben Byler. Mose had been quite helpless due to a stroke several years ago. His funeral was Saturday, March 22. Ben died of cancer and his funeral is on Saturday, March 27. His wife Mary has been in our singing group for many years. They live on Farmington Road.

On Tuesday, March 19, my sister, Liz Yoder and some of her children and grandchildren came down from Mio, Michigan with a chartered bus to tour the area where Liz and her husband grew up. They stopped in at sister Fannies around noon where we other sisters had gathered. The Yoder family all came in and were introduced and we visited a bit and then sang a few songs before they left. After leaving Fannies, they went to Mast Metals where they had a dinner scheduled. Later in the afternoon, they left for home. We were so glad our 88-year-old sister Liz was able to come along. It was a precious day.

Things are beginning to look like spring. Trees are budding out, birds are building nests, crocus are blooming, and another season begins. All in God’s order.

Wonder if this warmer weather will finish sugaring. I know some have quit. They say they had a pretty good year. In Michigan, they had snow yesterday morning and they are still sugaring.

Soon it will be time to get spring cleaning done. With no school at present, the moms will have help. Children are doing their lessons at home. If we all use caution, stay home when sick, wash hands with soap and water, use hand sanitizer, maybe we can keep the coronavirus away. Let’s all do our part.

You all have a good week.

Jan. 23, 2020: What a beautiful winter morning. Sun is shining so nicely and we have SNOW! Yes, I was ready for snow and colder as maybe that will kill some flu germs. There had been lots of flu around, but I think most schools are back in session once again.

Tuesday, Jan. 21, our school moms had a birthday party for teacher Arlene. Ice cream, cake and snacks were served.

The birds are finally back eating at my feeders. For a while there I had hardly any, due to a hawk flying around. The Blue Jays sure love peanuts in the shell. It’s such fun watching them.

Friday morning and it’s warmed up again, with it starting to rain. Will it turn to freezing rain? I hope not as I don’t like to walk on. Ice.

Last night, Thursday evening, the family took me out for dinner for my birthday. It seems the birthdays come much faster than when I was a teenager! We had a very good time and the food was delicious. We ate at a place called Chops in Geneva. Thanks to you all!

It seems our winters aren’t as severe as they were when I was growing up. I remember when our bedrooms upstairs were so cold that if we put a glass of water on the windowsill, it would be frozen by morning. That was before storm windows. In the morning, we would see who would get to the register first to get dressed. To save fuel, we would close the kitchen door after supper. So, dishes were done in a hurry before it would get cold! Water was brought on from a hand pump on the back porch and heated on the kitchen stove to wash dishes.

Most of my growing up years, we had someone living with us. When my cousin’s mother died, she moved in with us. She was an only daughter and the same age as my older sisters. She lived with us until my sister Fanny’s husband died of cancer, leaving her with two little boys ages 1 and 2. She remarried 4 years later and they worked on our farm for several years.

Our farm was on Route 422 and often we would get company from people getting off the Greyhound bus and then getting a ride to visit friends and family. There was a bus route between Warren and Cleveland. We girls would also go to work in Chagrin Falls on that bus. It cost 50 cents one way and our wages were a dollar per hour. Lots more could be said but will leave it for later.

Sister Liz Yoder of Mio, Michigan didn’t have good news from the doctor when she went for her test results. It said her cancer is very aggressive.  So, we hope to go visit before long, if the weather permits.

Time to get some drawers cleaned out and get rid of some STUFF! I thought I got rid of a lot when I moved from the big house to my smaller house. But, there’s still more.

A cloudy Thursday morning. 10:30 a.m. and I just got home from an all-nighter at friend Mary’s.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the widow, John U. Miller Mary who passed away on Tuesday evening. I imagine her funeral will be tomorrow, Friday.  Also, sympathy to the William and Dora Yoder family, in the passing of a special needs child.

It’s hard to believe next week is already Thanksgiving.  I’m invited to daughter Sylvia and Dan’s along with their family.  Our family will get together for Thanksgiving on Sunday, Dec. 1, at son Wayne and Judy’s.

Friday morning and it’s a cloudy day.  Feels like it could snow. Which would brighten up the landscape.

Born to Eddie and Regina Miller, yesterday, a son named Marcus.  One little sister also greets him.  Grandparents are Ray and Judy and Marty and Susan – all Millers. Great-Grands are Joe and Cindy Miller and I.

Tonight, is a benefit auction at the Heritage Marketplace on Nauvoo Road for a stroke victim’s hospital expenses.  Lunch stand opens at 4 p.m.  I hope to attend along with daughter Sylvia and Bob Hershberger.

I received my invitation to the annual Care Center Dinner on Dec. 9.  This will be held at the Parkman Community House. That is where we had our eighth-grade graduation ceremony in 1956!  Wow!  A long time ago.  I wonder how many of my class mates are still living?  One of my first-grade teachers, Mrs. Jean Giles is still living and had her 100th birthday!  One of my favorite teachers.

The birds are very busy at the feeders this morning.  Is it a sign of a storm?  I put some whole peanuts on the ground and the Blue jays are having a feast.

Thanksgiving Day: A day to gather with family and friends, thankful for our bountiful harvest, a warm place to have when the cold winds blow, sipping spiced tea and candles glow, Freedom to worship our Lord and King, Thank you Lord for every good thing.  May we all have Thanksgiving each day and remember the less fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and I will let writer Katherine give all the countdown of days left to shop for Christmas! You all have a good week.  

We are having beautiful fall weather. Is it making up for our late, wet spring? Whatever, I’ll take it!

Yesterday, Oct. 23, I went to Holmes County with some friends and the Geauga County trees had much nicer colors than down there.

Today, sisters Edna Byler and Elmina and I visited sister Fannie Yoder. She is staying at her daughter Elva and Owen Yoders for the time being, as her daughter, Laura, fell, breaking her leg. She had surgery on Monday evening.  Dr. said no weight on that leg for 6 weeks.

We had a good weekend last Friday until Sunday afternoon, when daughter Betty, Melvin and their family were here from Mio, Michigan. On Friday evening we had a pig roast at son Marks with some of the married grandchildren also joining us. On the menu, besides the pork, was chicken, burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, salad, fruit, hot fudge pudding and ice cream. We visited and then also sang awhile. Plus, some sat around the campfire. Granddaughter Aden Rosanna Troyer, made brunch for the gang on Sunday morning.

Leaving for North Dakota on Monday morning, Oct. 14 were Dan and Sylvia Miller and family, which included sons Danny Ray and Betty, Paul, Andrew, Chester, Timmy and daughter Cindy. They went to hunt pheasant. They returned on Monday evening, Oct. 23. They said they had snow out there. I hope it stays out there for a while yet!

Friday evening our family plans to go to son Joes for his birthday. I wonder if we’ll be able to sit around the campfire? All too soon it will be the last time for this year.

Born to Norman and Ellen Miller of Jug Road were a set of twins, a boy, Christopher and a girl, Carolyn.  Grandparents are Enos and Ester Byler and Roman and Emma Miller. They are greeted by two brothers and one sister.

Wedding season has finally slowed down. Five of our grandchildren got married this summer. I had 32 wedding invitations this year! Some were from Michigan also, which I wasn’t able to attend.

Son Ray and Judy are in the process of buying a home on Route 88 with plans to move yet this fall. Their son Allen Ray and Macy will also be moving there soon.

Linda P Hostetler of Shedd Road has moved to her new home in Burton and Danny and Kathryn O. Miller have moved to where Linda lived. Lots of changes being made.

The Training Center for Special Needs Children has finally opened. They had a lot of setbacks, when a twister went through, taking down the building this summer.

Friday morning and it’s cloudy. I need to run into town this morning, so I will finish this up and get ready to go. I’ll go with daughter-in-law Katie Ann.

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