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Hello from Huntsburg


By William Bender

March 29, 2020: Want to write a letter and take it along to Middlefield in the morning. If it is too late, they can pitch it in the wastebasket. We are to mail it in the next few times. Just like always, it is a little too late. Here in Huntsburg, it is a little wet and foggy.

One of Uria’s mares had a colt Sunday morning. The mare had to be put down. So far, the colt is doing alright. The Vet has it somewhere to get it started.

We had our 49th wedding anniversary. The children took us out to the Back 40. We had a good supper. It doesn’t take as much to fill me as it did years ago. And still I am a lot fatter. Maybe I do not work as much as I used to.

We want to go to Middlefield in the morning as Anna needs a few things. I think we can still go to town. If not, we know the way home. We still have canned goods. We will not starve. Not for a while anyway.

In the 49 years we have eight children, 60 living grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. So, our family did increase over the years. I still am not what I call old.

It is getting close to bedtime. Maybe I can add a few lines on the morning.

Here it is, the next morning. Want to hurry and add a few more lines and see if I can get in the Post Office. It might be closed.

The boys went to work as they are not shut down as of now. I will be ever so glad when this all goes back and this flu is out in the sea. But we know Who has control.

This is it for this round.

February 13, 2020: Good

morning to everyone. We all know that we got more snow. It still is above freezing.

The guys that have tubing had their sugarhouses steaming. The one that use pails or bags did not tap yet. But the fever is getting high. Old Joe Yoder used to say not before the 21st and we are about there. I know my dad used to watch Old Joe. I can still hear him say, “Joe Yoder didn’t tap yet.”

I was all the way glad to see sugaring come. And also glad when it was over. There were some highlights in the sugar season. Uncle Dans and Uncle Reubens would come to eat waffles and Melvins would come to pour hot syrup over snow. Them days are over for me … try it with false teeth.

I see we have some new writers in the Plain Country. Welcome aboard. But I did miss the old ones that did not write this last time in the Feb. 12 issue. Donnie Miller was writing before I was. Must be 12 years that I am writing, maybe longer. I do not know how long Plain Country has been going.

 Last evening, we and Albert Millers … the ones that went to South Dakota last Fall … went to Dan Millers for supper. When we came out of the house, what was there to greet us but SNOW, Well, it still is winter. The ground says 4 more weeks.

Andy Byler (Eck)was down with the flu. He had to miss church last Sunday.  I talked with Marty yesterday. He says Andy is some better.

This is a few days later … we just came home from the viewing of sister Emma. She died early this morning at the age of 83 years, 1 month, and a few days. She could not talk close to 10 years. (Now, if I am off a few years, do not hold it against me as my mind is 77 years old.)

This is later … the funeral is past.  Now there is one less in our family. Brother Uria in Clymer was not able to be there. It is a little colder today and was starting to snow. We had three nice days over the funeral.

I will turn this over to Anna to get the birthdays.

Jan. 23, 2020: Here we are, a nice sunny day … but cold. It is a while that I went to work. This cold weather keeps me at home. We are looking for the girls today. I am not sure they still know where we live. (A little lie.)

This is our first letter in the new year, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. We were at Raymond Yoder’s daughter Elsie’s. Lord willing, we will get our last present for 2019 on Saturday. Allen Millers will take us to Keim Lumber for our Christmas. Some of the children painted our house. (They got Albert Miller to do all the painting.) Needless to say, we had a very nice Christmas. I did not care that it was not white. Oh yes, we want to thank the Plain Country for the tablets and the Gift Certificate.

This is now later. All three girls and a granddaughter were here. Was a short day. One of the granddaughters, the Andrew Weavers, are moving by Saturday. Don’t know for sure where. Some want to go over tonight. But what are we older ones going to do? We will by more in their way than what we will help. I would sooner go after they are moved.

We all know by now that Albert Masts both died the same day. Now, Albert grew up here in Huntsburg. His home place is on Burton Windsor Road … the old Jake Mast Farm. He lived in Bloomfield all his married life … 50 some years. Barbara had cancer and Albert was on a wheelchair for years. She died in the morning and he in the afternoon. 

The oldest Amish person here in Geauga died and her funeral was on New Year’s. Ada Byler was 99 years,10 months and 28 days. Now, if my mind is on track, the oldest Amish here in Geauga County is now Dan Miller Martha, born in June 1925. And a spry old lady. Don’t forget Ann Youshak at 106. She’s got us all beat.

Our sympathy for the families of the ones who have passed on.

Here I sit with a blank mind. Trying to write a letter for the Plain Country. I could write that Thanksgiving is a week away. But you all know that. The children that don’t have any plans can always come home for Thanksgiving. Years ago, we always went rabbit hunting. Them days are over for me.

I went to work today. And I feel like I did something. Even if it was not much. The stirs were coming the first thing.  They did not come until noon. We got them all set.

Tomorrow is the funeral of John Mary. The way it looks we will not make it. Years ago, we went with John to Montana to the mines. Then we went out to the West Coast. That is one trip that will stay with us as long as we have sound minds. Anna can’t get around like she used to, I don’t like when she has to go up steps by herself. Hope we can go visit the children, but I do not do everything that I want to.

If I am on the right track, this will be the last letter for this year. Where did the year go? The sisters want to go to brother Urias the first Saturday in December. I do not like to go to Clymer in the winter. I saw Ken Bell in Middlefield last Saturday. He just got off the phone with Uria. And he said it is cold out there. I asked him how much snow they had. He said, he did not say. I do not like the snow like I did when I was a school kid. And the older I get, the more I hate to see winter come.

We were to a Sisel meeting last night in Farmington. Our speaker was from Johnsonburg. She was a talker. Did you ever see a woman that could not talk? Enough said.

Good morning everyone. A nice sunny day. A little on the cool side. Fire going in the cook stove. We let it go out by mid-morning. It does not take much to heat this little shack.

If plans hold out, we want to start for South Dakota Friday the 25th. Just for me, I would not make the trip. But they help Anna out a lot. I was thinking I might pass on treatments this year. But if I am out there, I might as well let him work me over. I am getting older, and old people have a lot of aches and pains. Want to come home the 2nd of November.

Fall is here. Are we ready for winter? For us we have all our wood stacked, thanks to the children and grandchildren. But I still am not ready for that cold and snow. It is not that I don’t like winter, it is what comes with it.

We had another grandchild get married. Betty Bender married to Andrew Weaver. That makes this young man feel old. I also have two babies to report. Ida Mae to Marlin Yoders. Grandparents are Melvin Yoder of Scio, Ohio and Albert Miller. And Mathew to Rudy Wengerds. Grandparents are Ray Wengerds of Hastings, Michigan and Crist Bylers. Only Great is Reuben Emma Bender. Now I am not a woman, so do not ask me what day they were born or how big as I do not know. Also forgot to report that Irwin Brickers moved in from Cass City, Michigan. Must be old age, but I am not that old. Andy Yoders also have a little one, am not sure if I reported that one. Dan Yoders and Albert Millers are Grandparents.

Last evening and some of the children went to visit our old neighbors Chris Fishers. Chris is not as spry as he used to be, but can still talk. Needless to say, we had a short evening. We missed the ones that were not there.


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