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By Donnie Miller 

Friday, May 15, 2020:
Greetings to all this fine spring morning. What a wonderful time of the year.

Looks like spring is finally here! Soon instead of complaining it’s too cool, we will be complaining it’s too warm.

Four deaths have happened in the area and today is the funeral of Nancy’s last uncle, Noah Mast. But Nancy is not up to attend.

I hit a big bump when I was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic on the 28th with a kidney stone, and then went into kidney failure. I was released on May 7th and am on dialysis 3 days a week since. There is a chance that my kidney function might come back, but at this time I’m going to Heather Hill  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. So, I have barely any news as am totally homebound, and this may be my last letter for the Post as the future is bleak.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020: Greetings to all readers and writers this morning. It is April 21st and it is snowing outside! Can’t remember ever being this ready for warm weather as this year. Doesn’t help that we are cooped up because of the virus. Been out of the house in the last couple of weeks… once to the lab for blood work, and then yesterday at the Clinic for my anemic shot. The Clinic was empty with only nurses in the halls plus a few patients. Was eerie! We will be thankful once this is past and we can come and go as normal. There are many opinions and will keep mine to myself!

We had a break when son Dannie and wife Joann spent 24 hours visiting, arriving Friday afternoon and leaving Saturday afternoon. They live in northern Indiana.

I’ve been reading many books the last few weeks. Am on my fifth book. What else is there to do? So thankful that I enjoy to read. Ran out of coffee and our son-in-law made a quick run to the store for us on Saturday. It’s bad enough to be stuck at home but then to be out of coffee!

Dannie made note that there was less traffic on the turnpike and the gas prices were down.

My ribbon is going bad on my typewriter, so must send someone to Shetlers for some more ribbon!

Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020:  Guess what! The sun is trying to shine, but there are also some flurries in the air. Isn’t that typical Geauga County weather? Suppose the syrup makers are happy to see this type of weather. And the garden and seed catalogs are coming in the mail. They do give us spring fever.

Well, I remember the days of having a sugarbush when I was growing up. It was hard work with the winter chores which we rushed through so we could run for the woods and work hard all day gathering sap while Dad was in the sugarhouse cooking. Then we hurried home to do the evening chores, falling into bed dead tired and, the next morning, getting up to do it all over again. Those were what we called “the good old days”! Now, how I wish I had even half of that energy.

Two deaths in the community … Eli Troyer Fannie and Alan Weaver Emma … both widows and eldering. The other scribes will have the details.

Nancy and I had a nice surprise yesterday morning when old time friend, Jim and Laura Byler and daughter from Clintonville. Pa. stopped in for a brief visit. We met years ago on a Bill S. tour. Total strangers when we met. we spent 3 weeks together and our friendship is still special!

We received a good book that was advertised in the Connection Magazine. It’s about floods and blizzards in Wisconsin and Minnesota. People wrote about their experiences in extreme floods and snow. Very interesting!

Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019: Time for another Plain Country letter for the Middlefield Post. It is another dreary morning in November. What else do we expect in Northeast Ohio? We cannot complain about our weather as yet. We had two snows so far, but all in all our fall has been nice. Thanksgiving is coming up. We are looking forward to having our son Dannie and family here for the day. It has been awhile and they are planning to bring the whole family. The other children are welcome for the afternoon.

Christmas for our family is planned to be at Tim and Emma on Saturday, Dec. 14th. We look forward to that day.

Daughter Suzy spent 10 days in Florida along with two of her friends, traveling on Pioneer Trails bus line.  hey reported warm weather except the last two days were cool.

Nancy and I spent the day, yesterday the 19th, at the Clinic. Seen my kidney doctor and all is still holding steady, and also received my anemic shot and then had my wound checked from when I had some skin cancer removed.  Have another appointment to take off more cancer on Dec. 4, plus my annual heart checkup is scheduled for Dec. 20.  Dec. 31it will be 20 years since my heart transplant.

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019: All of the sudden I realized that a letter is due for the paper. Hope everyone is enjoying our good fall weather. The leaves are at their prettiest and are really hanging on this year. Remember when we almost could not wait for the winter and that first snow? We rode our sleds on the road at night and had all kinds of fun. No more … you would get run over in a hurry. Ah, the good old days.

Had another 4-day hospital stay with blocked bowels, and am having a hard time recovering. Lost my appetite and most of my energy. A week after my hospital stay, I asked for a flu shot and received one and it reacted on me.  The first time after 40 plus shots over the years. So am finally getting my appetite back and feeling a bit stronger. We have a chance to go along to Indiana for a day to visit our son and family but had to say no as my strength is not good enough.

Visitors were Brother Dan and Katie on Sunday evening the 13th. On the 19th our three nephews stopped in. They are sons of sister Sally and Monroe Detweiler, David of Clymer, N.Y., Wayne and Chester. A short but nice visit. While they were here daughter-in-Law Liz, and girls Donna, Miriam and son Caleb made a short call. On Monday evening Enos and Esther Hostetler, Ervin and Marianne Miller and Paul J Byler were here for a nice visit.

Our community mourns with David and Alma Byler when their son was killed in an ATV accident on Sunday evening the 13th.


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