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By Katherine Byler

Oct. 25, 2019: Son reports that, on Oct. 17, he saw Christmas merchandise being put on store shelves! Whatever attracts the shopper’s eye, that’s what counts! Now that we’re on the subject, the holiday IS drawing closer like it or not! Only 31 days. That’s not far off, is it? Oh yes, telephone poles are being “spruced up” (get it?) with fur boughs and ribbons. 

Spring forward, Fall back. Been there, done that by the time this gets into print. Always a change to get used to. Nov. 3 marks the changing of the clocks.

A great afternoon was spent recently with dear friend Elizabeth Detweiler who turned 90, surprising even herself. Mrs. Maurine Shetler, Mrs. Jonas (Yogi) Miller and I had a grand time of reminiscing of by-gone days! There are others we want to visit soon, so we hope we get it done!

We’re making visits to Joe’s brother in Pennsylvania who grows weaker with cancer. It saddens us so, but it is great to be together at such times. Brother Jr’s wife Martha reports that her sister Mrs. (Andy) Amanda Miller came to Ohio for gull bladder surgery on the 24th as an outpatient, if all went as planned. Sure hope she will then be pain free. Her husband is son of Albert Jr and the late Betty M (Bridge Road).

A never-before reunion on Oct. 26 was planned by Chris M. Troyer in Carroll County at my Uncle Leir’s home. Leir is the only person left of the couple that started a settlement in Cassadaga and Sinclairville, N.Y. back in 1951. This “peaceful paradise” lasted unto 1959 when the last family left for lack of growth. Memories abound of growing-up years, not the least being of me accepting a dime on the school but from an older girl for my crisp new Canadian dollar!

The autumn colors “popped out” after all, for which we’re grateful. They didn’t seem to start out too well and all too soon they will give way to cold and snow, as is normal. It’s okay if we’re prepared! Hubby carried over 100 bags of coal, tossed then through the basement window and then stacked then ever so neatly. We are thankful for how well he’s doing!

A few 2-day trips to Holmes County for enjoyable “together times” are in the offing … both being highly anticipated by me. But not so much for homebody hubby! One trip is with family, the other with friends. Like I always say, it’s the company you keep that will make you or “break” you! (Smile!)

A very enjoyable time was spent at a few “Open Houses” held conveniently on the same day. First, we went to the “Sunshine Training Center” on Route 528, visiting with many longtime friends, very special children. Hugs were so heartwarming. Then, a mile or so in a southerly direction, we went to my brother Chris’s home for his 80th birthday surprise! Hugs all around again, including some for Jr. and Sarah Ann Byler from Pennsylvania, and Uria and Martha Miller from Kentucky. Oh, the food! Fit for royalty!

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