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By Linda Weaver

April 16, 2020: A layer of snow greets us again this morning. After all the spring like days we had, it’s kind of a shock to our systems. But we can expect anything in April.

For Easter from daughter Sara Jane and Marty Mast, I received a huge lily with daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths, all in one big pot. It is beautiful. Thanks! Happy Birthday to grandsons John Paul Mast (today) and Andrew Weaver (tomorrow).

We are staying close to home for the most part. We hope to go to a few grocery stores early this morning. Seems one of us always needs pills of some kind. It’s only 5:30, guess our alarm needs a tune-up. It keeps going off way earlier than it was set.

We have been doing a few puzzles. We like the 500-piece ones, although we have just started a new 1000 piece one. It is a nice winter scene with a red barn and deer. Hope it is not too hard!

Son Bob is remodeling their kitchen. Can’t wait to go see it. They got their cupboards yesterday, so it’s almost done. Then the living room and front porch will be combined. 

Many churches in this area have been canceled because of Covid-19, and so have benefits, weddings, etc. We are hoping we can soon go visiting. We haven’t seen some of our family for over 2 weeks and that seems like a long time. So glad we can call.

Neighbor Bonnie Ward checks on us 2 -3 times a week. A good feeling to know people care. Bonnie also keeps us updated on new developments. Granddaughter Rosa Beth sewed 200 masks that go to Cleveland Clinic. Many others helped. The Cleveland Clinic needs thousands of masks. This project is done through Sunny Hope School.

Blessings are wished to all Mothers
on your special day!

March 26, 2020: Hi to all!

It seems hard to believe we are in the last week of March already. The syrup makers are having a good year. The Gingerich boys here on Georgia Road made 3927 gallons this season. This is one of the bigger operations in this area. Very interesting to see, and it takes a lot of hard work.

Our sympathy to the Robert James Troyer (35) family in the loss of husband, father, son, brother, etc. He had asthma and pneumonia problems. Also, our sympathy to the Ben Byler family of Parkman. He was 86 and had cancer. We didn’t go to any of the viewings.

Schools are closed because of the new virus. Students are doing their work at home. I feel for the mothers who have three plus students. It’s a lot to keep track of … especially the younger children.

Most of the spring flowers are starting to grow. Crocuses are blooming. Makes everything look brighter, gives us hope anew. The swans are building their nests as are many other birds. Lots are at the feeder, many different kinds … all beautiful in their own ways.

We helped daughter-in-law Rosa with spring/church cleaning this week. Many hands make work easier. There were Rosa’s mother Sara, her sister Martha and daughters Linda and Saralyn, our daughter Sara Jane and daughter Rosa Beth and Luke. A fun day working together.

Till next time …

By Linda Weaver

Feb. 21, 2020: Hello Friends and Family!

My clock is playing “Precious Memories” this morning. That is what we have of dear sister-in-law Emma (Bender) Weaver, 83, who passed on to her reward Sunday eve. This is Plain Country writer Bill Bender’s sister, so I’ll let him write the particulars. She received much TLC from her daughter Barbara (Fred) Hostetler and their family whose address is 13443 Clay St., Middlefield, Ohio, 44062. They will be empty nesters for the first time in their 35 years of marriage. She will be dearly missed.

The yearly spelldown was held here at Georgia Road School last Friday. Winners were Ruthie Miller (Roy) first in German, second was Malinda Schmucker (John), second was Roseanne Miller (Hank), and second Marty Byler (Lester). All these three went down on the same word. In English, first was Malinda Schmucker (John), second was Myron Yoder (Albert), third was Susan Byler (Crist) and clearest speller was Mark Jr. Hershberger. Good job, everyone!

A dinner with neighbors Frank and Jill Carter, and Marty Mast Family at the Back-40-BBQ was enjoyed by everyone. We had grilled salmon and steak and all the trimmings with homemade ice cream and pies. Another group, consisting of Crist and Mary Detweiler and children were there too, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, A nice place to eat … but be hungry! We were treated like royalty.

Our visitors last week were John and Mary Slabaugh, Elwin and Linda Troyer, Noah and Judy Miller and son Michael, and our children who stopped in different times. Here for brunch Sunday morning were son Bobs and Marty Masts. Jake made pancakes for us all, and they brought fresh sausage, bacon, gravy and the whole nine years. Martys just had Peppa and George butchered. (That’s what they called their little piggies who grew up to be 300 plus pounds.)

Jake is coming along well and hopes he can drive our horses soon, He goes for therapy twice a week right here at the orthopedic offices in Middlefield.

We were sorry to hear that Mrs. Eli (Fannie) Troyer passed away. This was in son Paul’s church. Eli died about a year ago. Our sympathy to the family.

Jan. 24, 2020: Here we are in a new year, 2020, and the days keep flying by. We have had some awesome sunrises and sunsets the last while. The weather has been more wintery the last few weeks … cold and snowy with temperatures in the teens. Let’s hope it kills this bad flu bug that’s been hanging around. We were lucky not to get it so far.

John Mast is now scheduled for his aortic valve replacement on Monday the 27th. It will be done at University Hospital. That same day, Jake will have his knee replacement at Geauga Hospital. Both men are looking forward to having it over with (as are us wives).

Writer Kathrine Byler had a freak accident and fell, breaking her hip about 3 weeks ago when they had their church Christmas exchange. She had surgery for a total hip replacement and is doing well. John and Barb Mast, John and Mary Slabaugh and grandsons Micha and Ethan, Jake and I spent the day with them bringing lunch along yesterday. We enjoyed being together again.

It’s raining now and melting the snow. It’ll probably be a sloppy mess for church Sunday at Marty and Sara Jane Mast’s. My daughter-in-law and I were there Wednesday to help get ready. They received supper from a few of the neighbors this week, which helps tremendously.

Well, best I close and send this in the mail today or I’ll be late. Wishing everyone a healthy, happy New Year!

Nov. 22, 2019:  Hello Friends and Family,

We’ve already had some real winter weather, with many piles of snow left here and there for proof.  Today is gloomy and a cold wind.

We were sorry to hear of the passing of Mrs. John U (Mary) Miller, on 528. She was 84 and had a stroke a week or so ago. Our sympathy to all the family.

Olin Yoder Jr. had his heart surgery put off from the 14th till the 27th. He needs several bypasses and his aortic valve replaced. We wish him a quick recovery, as he will be in the hospital for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Friends Joe and Katherine Byler, John and Mary Slabaugh, Ray Mast and Ida Gingerich and we two visited with John and Barb Mast Tuesday eve. He is awaiting his aortic valve replacement also. A doctor appointment next Monday will hopefully give him a date to have it done. He will have his 80th birthday in December. He is our son-in-law Marty’s father. Hoping for better days ahead, John. We missed you, Joe. He wasn’t feeling the best and opted to stay home. Eli Yoder also joined us awhile.

Son Bob and his boys and our Mast grandsons Jake and John Paul were here Wednesday eve and patched some roofs. The women folk came too and we ordered pizza. Sara Jane brought salad and Martha dessert. An enjoyable eve together. Thanks everyone! It was much appreciated.

Last week we traveled through Holmes County with Joe and Katherine Byler, John and Mary Slabaugh and Ray Mast. The men even managed to be at the Mt. Hope auction awhile. We ate at their restaurants, shopped at their stores, and just enjoyed being together. Next year, Lord willing, we will go in October when it’s not so cold! We missed having John and Barb Mast along, who traveled with us last time.

Looks like my sheet is full. God’s Blessings to all for Thanksgiving and Christmas, which will be here soon!

Hello friends and family. We are enjoying the beautiful fall leaves. It’s probably at the peak this week, for this area.  Geauga County has many backroads of gorgeous scenery. Our journey through the New England states was much enjoyed, and colors were at their peak there too.

Fellow Traveler, John Mast, ended up in the hospital Sunday, with chest pains, and a difficulty breathing. He is still in there and having a catherization this afternoon. We wish him a quick recovery. He is our son-in-law Marty’s father.

The Mast menfolk went duck hunting Saturday and brought home six. This is a sport they all enjoy.

Our good friend Bill Fisher of Thompson Avenue, is recovering from a heart attack this summer. We went out to eat with them, Elwin Troyers, Don Spencers, their son Paul and wife Donna.  We had dessert at Elwin and Linda’s afterward. A fun evening. These menfolk worked together for many years.

Son Bob’s family spent Sunday evening here. It was still warm enough to sit by the fire. We played a few games inside then, later.

The accident victims, Fannie and Becky Detweiler are both home now. We wish them a speedy recovery. Fannie has nine broken ribs, and a broken shoulder, also a large gash in her leg. Can’t remember now, what is wrong with Becky but a line of cheer would certainly help them both. Fannie is the mother (Mrs. Rudy) and Becky is 17.

People may refuse our love or reject our message, but they are defenseless against our prayers.

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