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By Linda Weaver

Hello friends and family. We are enjoying the beautiful fall leaves. It’s probably at the peak this week, for this area.  Geauga County has many backroads of gorgeous scenery. Our journey through the New England states was much enjoyed, and colors were at their peak there too.

Fellow Traveler, John Mast, ended up in the hospital Sunday, with chest pains, and a difficulty breathing. He is still in there and having a catherization this afternoon. We wish him a quick recovery. He is our son-in-law Marty’s father.

The Mast menfolk went duck hunting Saturday and brought home six. This is a sport they all enjoy.

Our good friend Bill Fisher of Thompson Avenue, is recovering from a heart attack this summer. We went out to eat with them, Elwin Troyers, Don Spencers, their son Paul and wife Donna.  We had dessert at Elwin and Linda’s afterward. A fun evening. These menfolk worked together for many years.

Son Bob’s family spent Sunday evening here. It was still warm enough to sit by the fire. We played a few games inside then, later.

The accident victims, Fannie and Becky Detweiler are both home now. We wish them a speedy recovery. Fannie has nine broken ribs, and a broken shoulder, also a large gash in her leg. Can’t remember now, what is wrong with Becky but a line of cheer would certainly help them both. Fannie is the mother (Mrs. Rudy) and Becky is 17.

People may refuse our love or reject our message, but they are defenseless against our prayers.

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