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Mom’s Diary


By Barbara Ann Detweiler

Saturday, Sept. 28: Betty and Norma baby-sat Karin and Kaitlyn and I wasn’t home. That was almost more than I could bear! They had a good day.

Sunday, Sept. 29: Wayne went to a neighboring church. The girls were both baby-sitting. And I relaxed all day. Tonight, we went for a walk and dropped in at neighbor Freemans for a bit.

Monday, Sept. 30: Laura decided she wanted to bake apple pies. I coached her a bit and they turned out well. They were delicious!

Tuesday, Oct 1: Grocery day. My Dad had a doctor appointment in Chardon, so they went along and I got my groceries there. We were involved in a slight fender bender and the cop had to come out. All’s well that ends well.

Wednesday, Oct. 2: Very warm today. I did a lot or organizing. That. Is an ongoing job!

Thursday, Oct. 3: We went to Cristy Miller and Edna Miller’s wedding. It was a beautiful day. Betty and Norma wanted to go in the evening, so I went with them.

Friday, Oct. 4: I was cold, so I started a fire in our kitchen stove. It feels wonderful. Wayne is back at work full time now. He still gets tired easily, but, hopefully, that will get better.

Saturday, Oct. 5: Rose Edna and I went to a Chinese Auction. She won eight times and I did seven. There weren’t too many people there.

Sunday, Oct. 6: Norma baby-say Karin and some of her cousins at Davos and Mary Bylers. Of course, I had to walkup for a while to see Karin. I played with all the children and then walked back home again.

Monday, Oct. 7: I started going for walks in the evening. Yes, I can actually walk! My feet are 75 percent better and it makes me feel very happy. I love walking!

Tuesday, Oct. 8: My parents, brothers and I went to Atlantic, Pa. to visit with my Uncle Wallie and Martha. He has cancer, but we had a good visit.

Wednesday, Oct. 9: Norma and I went to Carroll County to my sister Elizabeth’s for the day. My Mom and sis-in-law Laura went, too. Betty started a new job at Aden and Martha’s. I’m so glad she has something to do. She doesn’t like to be home every day.

Thursday, Oct. 10: It was nice to be home all day with no obligations.

Friday, Oct. 11: Rose Edna was home today, so she and Norma did the cleaning.

Saturday, Oct. 12: John and Betty’s second anniversary! Karin and Kaitlyn were here while John and Betty worked over at their house. Katherine fell off of a hoverboard and hurt her foot, she can’t walk, so has to roll around with Wayne’s desk chair and sit down to go up the stairs.

Sunday, Oct. 13: Kathrine couldn’t go to church. We think her toes may be broken. The rest of us went to church and then a few neighbor families came for a while.

Monday, Oct. 14: Betty pulled Katherine to school with the wagon and stayed to help with lessons, etc.

Tuesday, Oct. 15: Grocery day. Norma is my right-hand man now. Betty went to school again.

Wednesday, Oct. 16: Katherine is getting better. She went to school with the scooter. She can walk a little bit now. One of Andrew’s friends died in an accident, so he went there tonight.

Thursday, Oct. 17: Andrew went to the funeral. Everyone else was gone, including Norma, so I had a few hours all by myself. I cherish those times!

Friday, Oct. 18: Betty, Norma, Laura and I went over to John and Bettys house to help clean it, getting it ready to move into. Wayne’s brother David from Clymer, N.Y. came and is staying for the night.

Saturday, Oct. 19: Wayne, his brothers David and Chester went to visit their elderly aunts and uncles. Rose, Betty, Norma and I went to a Chinese Auction at the Community Center. Betty and I didn’t get anything. Norma got one thing, and Rose got two.

Sunday, Oct. 20: We rested until later this afternoon. Then we went to Cristy Detweilers to visit for a while.

Monday, Oct. 21: A beautiful, sunny day. The girls finished up the outside work and put all the lawn furniture away. I guess that means we’re ready for winter.

Tuesday, Oct. 22: Our anniversary. Just another day, though! We went over to help John and Betty again. Katherine and our Betty went down into a crawlspace under the house to explore. They opened an old tote and there was a skeleton mask! They screamed, leaped up the stairs and almost sobbed on each other’s shoulders.

Wednesday, Oct. 23: Some of the church women and I went to visit with Mel Miller Sara this forenoon. She had her leg amputated recently but seemed in good spirits.

Thursday, Oct. 24: Betty and Norma are both baby-sitting today, so, again, I had a few hours alone. I did a bunch of deskwork and other writing.

Friday, Oct. 25: Rose and Norma did the daily dozens today while I did odds
and ends.


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