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By Ellen Hershberger

Friday, Oct. 1: 90 degrees! Went to town and then in the afternoon did laundry. Made two casseroles for tomorrow and helped sister a bit.

Wednesday, Oct. 2: Three aunts and nine cousins showed up for sister’s birthday surprise. Even Mahlon Gert came a while. Did payroll.

Thursday, Oct. 3: Today I worked an extra day because of the Kurtz wedding. Jacie and I went to brunch at her church.

Friday, Oct. 4: Worked my regular day with Jacie and then went to Mary’s for the night.

Saturday, Oct. 5: Came home from Mary and got to communion services late. This was down the road by Matthew Kurtzes’.

Sunday, Oct.6: We had a last brunch with Eli Rays here before they move. Mel and Fannie visited us in the afternoon.

Monday, Oct. 7: I worked and then joined the supper group to Mrs. Eura Sarah’s. Eli Rays moved down the road to their new house tonight.

Tuesday, Oct. 8: We attended the wedding of Allen Ray and Marcy Miller. Then Noahs left for Holmes County to spend a few days there. I painted my stove and stated my first fire if this fall. (My diary says that last year I started it a month earlier than this.)

Thursday, Oct. 10: After coming home from Marts this a.m., I did payroll and finished up some capes and aprons. Then I slept in Noahs’ house while they’re in Holmes.

Friday, Oct 11: Worked for Jacie and went to Mary’s for the night. Noahs came home today.

Saturday, Oct. 12: On the way home from Mary, I stopped off at the DDC Auction for a while.

Sunday, Oct. 13: Reading and writing today … also I took a walk.

Monday, Oct. 14: Took the day off work and did this and that. I wrapped 1/2-bushel of Cortland apples for the winter supply.

Tuesday, Oct. 15: I went to the Senior Center even though I was sick. (Dummy me.)

Wednesday, Oct. 16: Did some errands, but spent lots of time in the couch, Thank you, sweet friend, for the day brightener with a fruit basket. Noahs started out in a trip to Gettysburg and the Skyline Drive.

Thursday, Oct. 17: Feeling some better. Did payroll, cooked mush, gave Millie a shower, etc. Since Mary went to California, I have some free time.

Saturday, Oct. 19: Cleaned house and windows and then took a walk. Noahs came home from their trip.

Sunday, Oct. 20: Still have a terrible, suffocating cough. We went to church and then to Mikes’ in Orwell in the evening.

Monday, Oct. 21: After work today, sister, Andy Barbara, and I were by Al Linda’s and played marbles.

Tuesday, Oct. 22: Friends Anna and Martha spent the day here and then this evening, the singers were to Emanuel Stoltzfus.

Wednesday, Oct. 23: Our visiting group had a good day in Holmes County. We even found where cousin Elmina lives! Happy day!

Blessings for all!


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