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By Ellen Hershberger

Saturday, Feb, 22, 2020: Greetings to all in the name of our LORD. Will see if I can get something on paper.

Neighbor Bonnie invited the three of us (Noah, Barbara and me) for a delicious roast beef supper. I was in town today and picked up boxes to pack for moving.

Tuesday, Feb. 25: Nancy Mae helped me pack things from my closets. Those little ones can really help!

Sunday, March 1: We made ice cream and then we went to Matthew Yutzy’s for the evening.

I see no reason to write the normal, mundane things, so will just skip some days. (Smile!)

Monday, March 3: Our visiting group had an enjoyable evening with Dan Yoder. His house is lonely without wife Edna, but a granddaughter lives upstairs.

Tuesday, March 3: Anna, Barbara and I painted the living room area and kitchen at the new place. In the evening, four neighbor girls came and washed off my ceilings and walls. In painting, I just did the trimming.

Wednesday, March 4: Today there were lots of women at DDC to quilt and knot comforters.

Thursday, March 5: Six of us took Martha and Mary Lou to the Mexican restaurant and it was good. They ae grieving the loss of their parents in December.

Saturday. March 7: Today I again trimmed and Anna rolled the paint in my bedroom and bathroom.

Tuesday, March 10: We singles were to Gentle Solutions and missed the ones who couldn’t be there.

Ben Byler is battling cancer and Clarence Kurtz in in Cleveland Hospital, being treated for leukemia.

I will call it quits for this time. 

May the LORD be with us all.

Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019: Today was housecleaning day and we got our new phone set up. The other just didn’t always work, so our new number is 440-669-7885. In the afternoon the aunts and some cousins gathered at Kathy Detweiler’s for a birthday tea party for Aunt Edna. We had yummy potato soup and other goodies.

Sunday, Nov. 3: Sister and I plus Aunt Sarah attended church at Nelson Millers where Aunt Elmina lives.

Tuesday, Nov. 5: My 77th birthday! (Wow!) Four friends and sister took me to Bob Evans in Chardon. My, is their roast beef ever good! Neighbor Jack is in hospital, so I stayed with Rose overnight.

Thursday, Nov. 7: Today was my second birthday outing after I came home in the morning from being with Mary overnight.

Friday, Nov. 8: Did odd jobs today and made a second visit to the doctor. Am still coughing. Hopefully this second round will help.

Saturday, Nov. 9: Worked for Jaci today. Then, tonight three neighbor families came for birthday round three. Thanks to all!

Sunday, Nov. 10: What a punishment to have to stay home from church at nephew Mike’s in Orwell, but I do not want those coughing fits in church!

Monday, Nov. 11: Our group enjoyed the evening at Bishop Albert Masts. His wife is dealing with cancer and they appreciate visitors and mail.

Tuesday, Nov. 12: Aunt Sarah, Mary Y., sister, Aunt Fannie and I had coffee break with Lester and Sarah Hochstetler. My kinship with them is when I worked at a greenhouse when their first born, Kathryn was born. Now, she is gone. 

Tonight, was number four! Sister pulled a fast one over me when we ended up by niece Ada and Nelson for a full course delicious dinner! A host of nieces and nephews with their families joined us. Nelsons put on excellent dinners for the public. (Their phone number is 440-548-5385.)

Saturday, Nov. 16: We three, along with more cousins, went to Guys Mills to attend the 50th anniversary of Cousin Crist and Linda Hershberger. Their 13 children. partners and most of the grandchildren were there.

Sunday, Nov. 17: Again, I stayed home to not have coughing fits in church. It is getting to be less, though.

Monday, Nov. 18: We singles took supper to Anna H. and then to her brother Henry’s family also.

Tuesday, Nov. 19: Singers were to Erma Troyer’s tonight.

Neighbor taxi driver, Bonnie’s husband Joe, died tonight of brain cancer.

God’s blessings to all!

Friday, Oct. 1: 90 degrees! Went to town and then in the afternoon did laundry. Made two casseroles for tomorrow and helped sister a bit.

Wednesday, Oct. 2: Three aunts and nine cousins showed up for sister’s birthday surprise. Even Mahlon Gert came a while. Did payroll.

Thursday, Oct. 3: Today I worked an extra day because of the Kurtz wedding. Jacie and I went to brunch at her church.

Friday, Oct. 4: Worked my regular day with Jacie and then went to Mary’s for the night.

Saturday, Oct. 5: Came home from Mary and got to communion services late. This was down the road by Matthew Kurtzes’.

Sunday, Oct.6: We had a last brunch with Eli Rays here before they move. Mel and Fannie visited us in the afternoon.

Monday, Oct. 7: I worked and then joined the supper group to Mrs. Eura Sarah’s. Eli Rays moved down the road to their new house tonight.

Tuesday, Oct. 8: We attended the wedding of Allen Ray and Marcy Miller. Then Noahs left for Holmes County to spend a few days there. I painted my stove and stated my first fire if this fall. (My diary says that last year I started it a month earlier than this.)

Thursday, Oct. 10: After coming home from Marts this a.m., I did payroll and finished up some capes and aprons. Then I slept in Noahs’ house while they’re in Holmes.

Friday, Oct 11: Worked for Jacie and went to Mary’s for the night. Noahs came home today.

Saturday, Oct. 12: On the way home from Mary, I stopped off at the DDC Auction for a while.

Sunday, Oct. 13: Reading and writing today … also I took a walk.

Monday, Oct. 14: Took the day off work and did this and that. I wrapped 1/2-bushel of Cortland apples for the winter supply.

Tuesday, Oct. 15: I went to the Senior Center even though I was sick. (Dummy me.)

Wednesday, Oct. 16: Did some errands, but spent lots of time in the couch, Thank you, sweet friend, for the day brightener with a fruit basket. Noahs started out in a trip to Gettysburg and the Skyline Drive.

Thursday, Oct. 17: Feeling some better. Did payroll, cooked mush, gave Millie a shower, etc. Since Mary went to California, I have some free time.

Saturday, Oct. 19: Cleaned house and windows and then took a walk. Noahs came home from their trip.

Sunday, Oct. 20: Still have a terrible, suffocating cough. We went to church and then to Mikes’ in Orwell in the evening.

Monday, Oct. 21: After work today, sister, Andy Barbara, and I were by Al Linda’s and played marbles.

Tuesday, Oct. 22: Friends Anna and Martha spent the day here and then this evening, the singers were to Emanuel Stoltzfus.

Wednesday, Oct. 23: Our visiting group had a good day in Holmes County. We even found where cousin Elmina lives! Happy day!

Blessings for all!


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