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Such is November


By Debby Miller

On a gray mid-November day, as I sat by the window, a flash of blue caught my eyes. It flew to a tree and landed.  A bluejay! Then another flew past the window, headed I knew, to the feeders my husband had filled earlier that morning.  As I looked out the window, I noticed the tall weeds swaying in the wind in the field next to our yard, when I realized they were alive with sparrows and junco’s searching for seeds. I could see that the asparagus plants in my new patch were giving in to the season and turning yellow. Last week we had temperatures in the 70s and this week we were seeing temperatures in the 30s. In the west, coming off the hill I could see a wall of white. Snow! Sure enough, the snow came and it was beautiful; big fluffy, wet flakes coming down in a quite a flurry. It drew me out on the porch to witness the first snow of the season. In my over 60 years I still delight in seeing the first snow. I watched as the big flakes covered the porch railing and if I shut my eyes and listened, I could hear those big wet flakes land every once in a while, a faint “plop”! The birds were noisy. It was as if they were all calling to each other about the incoming snow.  The cold finally drove me back in the warm house. A while later, I looked out to see the wooded hillside across the ravine was white with snow. Our yard was still too warm for the snow to stick to the ground and I wondered how long it would be before we did have snow cover. A couple hours later the snow was gone. The wooded hillside was back to being brown from the wet fallen leaves. It was as if the snow had never happened. Such is November!


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