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CMS Students Investigate How Ground Cover Affects Water

Seventh grader Chester B. uses a hydrology model to investigate how various types of ground cover affect water runoff, seep through, and retention. (MP Photo/CSD)

Using hydrogeology models made by science consultant Mr. Claire Zurbuch, seventh grade scholars in Ms. Sharon Stotts’ science classes recently investigated how a variety of types of ground cover (grass, bare soil, and concrete) impact the amount of water that runs off, seeps through, and is retained by the soil. Results varied due to conditions changing throughout the day, but scholars discovered that concrete has almost 100% run-off, but some of the water accumulated in puddles and eventually evaporated. On bare soil, approximately 80% of the water was collected as recharge water and about 10% was run-off water or retained by the soil. When the ground cover used was grass, about 60% of the water was retained by the soil and about 30% was collected as recharge. Great discovery everyone!


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