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JES 3D Insects

Photo, above: JES fourth grader Cyndil D. uses items found in the library Maker Space to create a model insect. Using their models, scholars then designed and printed their insects on the 3D printer.(MP Photo/CSD)

JES 3D Insects

Fourth grade pups at Jordak Elementary have been working in small groups in technology class to design and create their own insects. Scholars started off discussing their insects’ habitat and what attributes they would want their insects to have. From there, they created a sketch of their ideas and then created models using items found in the Maker Space area in the library. With the help of their sketches and models, each group designed a 3D model using Tinkercad. Once scholars determined their 3D model would stand and was structurally sound, they printed out their insects using our 3D printer. Teacher Mrs. Danielle Kinder says all the pups worked so hard on this month-long project and their results were incredible! Great work! 

Photo: JES fourth graders print 3D insects in technology class using the 3D printer in the Maker Space area. (MP Photo/CSD)


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