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A Message from the Mayor


By Ben Garlich

Hello Residents. Happy New Year. I hope we all were able to catch up with friends and family and get reenergized for the new year. I mentioned in my last article all the events that were planned for December. It was a hectic month but I want to express my appreciation for those who helped organize the community events and contributed time and money. Thanks to all residents who participated in making these events successful. I love the month of December and the warmth of the music and events as we celebrate the birth of Christ in our great country. 

 It is back to work and reality as we resume our normal meeting schedules in January. Projects planned for this summer have been engineered and bid on and were awarded before the end of the year. The system of bidding in the off season has proven successful as we received very favorable pricing on all projects. In addition to repairing and replacing infrastructure, we were able to put together a maintenance program to help defray future costs. All village roads have been evaluated and we will be budgeting for a preventative maintenance program which will add years of life to completed projects. We are fortunate in that through your support and our prudent management, we can be proactive, not reactive, and keep our Village maintained to a standard you expect and deserve. 

 We are still in conversation with University Hospitals on establishing an urgent care in our community. In addition to those discussions we asked for a Middlefield Health day that would mirror the annual event they do at their Geauga campus. They have agreed to sponsor an event in our Village on Feb. 29. More details to follow, but it will provide tremendous value for our residents. We appreciate their partnership and hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

2019 has been a very successful year for our community. All fund balances have improved due to increased activity in all areas. The investment in projects both private and public will guarantee 2020 will show improvement over 2019. The Village is expanding at a satisfactory rate and we will work to ensure this trend continues. I appreciate the forward thinking of our employees and a majority of our elected officials who realize nothing comes without full participation and effort. I remind myself constantly what a safe and convenient community we live in. I don’t want to live anywhere else.

Be informed, be involved, exercise your right to vote, shop Middlefield 

and visit www.middlefieldohio.com


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