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CMS eighth grade scholars Jamie M. and Carlie S. created a newspaper structure that held 158 pounds of school text books. The experiment was part of a Physical Science class lesson on Newton’s second law of motion.

Eighth grade physical science scholars in Mr. Dave Bronson’s classes recently participated in a contest to see whose newspaper structure could hold the most weight. The contest was part of a class lesson on Newton’s second law of motion which equates to: force = mass x acceleration. The rules were pretty simple – scholars could use only a Sunday edition newspaper and as much tape as they wanted to create their structure, knowing that the more tape and paper they used, the more weight their structure would need to hold. The idea was to build the lightest structure to hold the most weight. In the end, Jamie M. and Carlie S. came out on top – their structure held 158 pounds of books and had a strength ratio of 743 times the structure’s own weight. WOW! Great work ladies! 

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