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Dying Deep in Debt


By Joe Novak

A gentleman friend of mine does financial counseling for people in debt and he does it in the most expensive communities around. He told me you can’t believe how many doctors, lawyers and company executives are so deep in debt their only route out of debt is to die.

Debt is not a dirty word; it allowed our country to prosper by facilitating home mortgages, car ownership and capitalism flourished because of it. Credit cards made purchasing “on credit” instantaneous since swiping was easy and the bill came once a month, but paying only the minimum amount is the problem.

By world standards, Americans are not poor, yet the government, churches and charities give away more than a billion dollars in food clothing, housing and cash every year and I am starting to think that the giving is the problem. When you have six generations on welfare you don’t have a “we didn’t give enough” problem, you have an ideology problem; letting someone else take care of you while you do little for yourself.

 It goes back to “give a fish or teach too fish;” we are not teaching people to fish, we are teaching them to take. A friend of mine told me his 16-year-old daughter “decided” she wants a new Ford truck and she doesn’t have a license to drive yet. He told her to get a job and after one day at a fast food chain she quit. Her excuse was she didn’t know she would have to work weekends. My first car was a 1954 Ford with no engine; my dad knew exactly were my car and I were every day!

Are we headed for another recession; not in the near future but should the wrong person get into the Whitehouse, we certainly will! Our economy is strong at present, but still fragile. Anyone wanting to work can; assuming they are employable. 

The thing I have always admired about the Amish is that they pass down to their children a work ethic that has been lost on much of America. 

You don’t acquire a work ethic when you enter the work force; you acquire one in your early teens when your parents wake you at 7 a.m. on a Saturday and tell you to get up because there is a lot of work to get done. I could have slept another half hour, but wouldn’t start work without breakfast. I’ve never missed a meal by choice!

The “must go to college” mentality has also put many parents and students into debtor’s prison. Kids don’t want to build things today; they want to buy things! 

In 10 years, your cardiologist and your plumber will be charging the same hourly rate. One tries to figure out why you are always pooped and the other one deals with your poop. The difference is the plumber has no student loan debt and can easily afford to live next door to the cardiologist.

There are many needy people out there who had bad breaks and need help. Many, however, need to be taught how to fish! 

Joe Joke: A cleaner was arrested and charged with money laundering;
however, a deal is being ironed out.


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